Hey guys

I've gone and written a short (12-page) fan comic. I was hoping there might be an artist around who'd be looking for a collaboration and want to draw it.

It's set in the G1 season 3 period and features Misfire and Aimless in the main role. They travel back in time by mistake and wind up causing the Kennedy Assassination. There are small cameos by Optimus, Galvatron, Cyclonus, and Scourge but they're a panel each. As for humans, there's Zap (a future assassin who looks like mirror universe Spike Witwicky), President Kennedy and Gorbachev (who again, both only have single-panel appearances)

Environments include the surface of Char, an open field, a science lab and a warehouse.

Yes, Kennedy appears pre-assassination. You do not have to draw the actual event, if that's the sort of thing that makes you squeamish.

The tone is extremely cheesy a la` G1.

It's primarily a writing exercise for me, but I am willing to pay for a collab if the fee and art are right. We can discuss the details privately.

Show us your art and let me know if you're interested.