Series - Generations
Sub-line - War For Cybertron Trilogy
Cross-line - Buzzworthy Bumblebee
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - New
Wave -
Released here - ???
Approximate Retail Price - $45
Approximate Size - 1dm
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-mode - Iaconian Hovercar
Main Features/Gimmicks - N/A
Main Colours - yellow, black
Main Accessories - x1 gun, x1 jetpack, x5 energy conductor rods


+ Works reasonably well in having a vehicle mode resembling Bumblebee's G1 Cybertronian mode whilst also having a robot mode with faux VW kibble on it. It's a silly concept, but it's what G1 ran with.
+ This toy is, not surprisingly, a panel/shellformer, but they have done well in compacting and arranging the kibble to be as compact and as least visually intrusive as possible. This toy is by no means just carrying the vehicle on its back. I do like how the robot chest does partially form the vehicle bonnet/grill.
+ Pistol and jetpack are also compatible with other toys, notably WFC Trilogy Bumblebee. The jetpack is perfectly designed for that toy.

- Expensive. Above the regular price for a Deluxe without really justifying it. Even at only 0.1m in height, I think it could comfortably justify a regular Deluxe price as WFCT Bumblebee and ER Cliffjumper do. But not really beyond that.
- Transformation is fiddly in some places, and two of the leg panels that form the rear canopy of the vehicle are prone to popping off.
- Limited playability. The vehicle has on wheels to roll on. Yes, I know it's a hovercar, but kids like to have wheels for it to roll on and they can still pretend that it's flying or hovering; similar to G1 Cosmos and Seaspray. The alt mode is basically a pancake. Yes, I know it's meant to look like the G1 cartoon Cybertronian mode, but kids (ya know, the main consumers of toys) wouldn't care about that.
- For no apparent reason, the Energy Conductor rods are too thick to be held in either fist.

Subjectively a great toy for fans of the G1 cartoon, as this toy is a dream come true in terms of having a Cybertronian moded Bumblebee. It's a pretty weird figure which would have limited if any appeal if you're not familiar with the G1 'toon. Having a robot with VW parts that transforms into a space pancake also necessitates it being a panel/shellformer. Objectively speaking, War For Cybertron Bumblebee is the superior toy as far as Cybertronian Bumblebees are concerned (same goes for SS B-127). Recommended only if you want a more G1 cartoon-like Cybertronian Bumblebee, and if you don't mind paying the higher price, then this toy is for you. Otherwise, just stick with WFC Bumblebee.