Again, this is not promoting KOs by including links, but they are here to show you what these are... and to be aware of what to avoid if you are looking for recently released Rescue Bots toys.

While I was on the Toymate website yesterday, I saw some items that looked like Transformers, but on closer inspection I noticed that they were Knock Offs of Rescue Bots toys (mostly Flip-Racers) that were released in the last couple of years and can still be found in some stores.

These KO Transformers toys are labelled as "Max Robot", and on one image the packaging says it is made by Ziyu Toys... and looking that up I see that they are related to a lot of Chinese KO Transformers that I have seen before

It is also worth noting that the Transformers brand will be having more of the Rescue Bots Mini-Racers in new Authentics packaging this year, so these would definitely be competing with official product.

This one comes with a large truck that isn't originally a Transformers toy, but comes with two Flip-Racers that are.

This is an interesting one, as it has two KO Flip Racers, but the trackset is a blended copy of two different Rescue Bots Flip Racer track sets.

And this one is a slightly modified larger Rescue Bots toy (I think it was the robot from the large Optimus truck trackset which was just re-released last year at Costco in Australia), so it was also recently released.

I did a search on google for these toys, to try to see if there were more, but I only found some other Australian outlets selling them, so they appear to be centred in just this country (so maybe the source is an Australian company that has facilitated these).