The five Wreckers packs have already been covered in the main News section, as well as the links to the product pages on Amazon Australia, but here is the reference list of all five in one place, for anyone who has missed any of them...

Pack 1 - Comic Universe Impactor & Spindle (SEP 30) $85

Pack 2 - G2 Universe Leadfoot & Masterdominus (SEP 30) $85

Pack 3 - Autobot Springer (SEP 30) $44

Pack 4 - Prime Universe Bulkhead (SEP 30) $44

Pack 5 - Diaclone Universe Twintwist (SEP 30) $34

At this stage they look to be exclusive to Amazon in Australia, but that could just be their initial release, as last year's Amazon exclusive set (Golden Disk collection) ended up at JBHifi this year... it would just be a bit of a wait, and a risk that they don't show up elsewhere.

(if these all end up being released on September 30th as planned, that is going to be a big hit to the wallet... but it will be like Christmas a few days later)