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I dunno. Masterpiece is for super cartoon accuracy, Kingdom/ Earthrise/ Legacy seems somewhere in between. Some figures tick the 'slavish G1 toy accuracy' checkbox, most don't. It just doesn't seem like a there's any consistency, so I can't help what I see as flawed design... I guess I'm in the minority!
I hear you.

I actually miss the aesthetics from earlier CHUG toys that dared to be more original. This is why I skipped Earthrise Grapple and Kingdom Inferno and just kept my Henkei and United figures instead. If I want slavish cartoon likeness, I have the MPs for that! But this is purely a personal preference thing, which isn't something that I factor in my reviews (where I try to remain more objective). We are definitely in the minority. If it were up to me, every CHUG Optimus Prime and Megatron toy would have yellow eyes, damn it!