It seems that Universal Studios have squeezed out another exclusive Transformers toy to sell to visitors of the Transformers Ride... and despite the focus for Movie toys in the last five years to be with Studio Series, Universal Studios have once again used a pre-SS toy - the DOTM Bumblebee toy with MECH weapon. (and yes, the packaging says Revenge of the Fallen, for this Dark of the Moon toy)

It looks to be the same Bumblebee toy that Universal Studios has sold since the Ride opened in December 2011, but this would be it's third packaging - the first was on a red card, the second was on a white card, and this one is in a grey box.

There is no mention of which Universal Studios themepark this one was obtained, but it was us$30.
And as with previous releases of new exclusives or re-packs, there might be other "new" toys in new packaging as well.

(That Studio Series Megatron last year that was homaging the Transformers Ride Megatron - I don't think it even ended up being released at Universal Studios.)

For anyone wondering, Universal Studios had their exclusive character Evac created for their theme-parks (based on the car you ride in), and yet they appear to have stopped selling all toys of Evac two years ago... including the Kre-O 4-pack, that saw Evac replaced with a green NEST sentry.