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Thread: Toy Review - SS109 Concept Art Megatron

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    Default Toy Review - SS109 Concept Art Megatron

    Series - Studio Series
    Size/class - Leader
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Released here -
    Approximate Retail Price - $90

    I've had Megatron for over three weeks now. I wanted to have more time on hand with it before I form an opinion.

    The tank mode is solid. Aside from the tabs on the fusion cannon, the turret also locks together via a big tab and slot on the shoulders, which some people seem to have missed. The engineering is really straight forward but also does achieve a reasonably good end result. The tank is coherent and solid, where no parts will easily come loose. I love the overall Cybertronian flare to it, and how the red on the upper arms is showing on the turret. Do wish the treads could lock in position when pulled out though. Sam from Hasbro did admit in his Instagram post that their approach to these made up Cybertronian modes has had "some mixed success'', but this one I feel like being among the harder ones to do i.e. with no apparent vehicle kibble, is on par with the better executed BB Cybertronian charaters like Arcee and Brawn.

    Jet mode on the other hand is quite disappointing. Engineering wise, I can kind of understand: they are working backwards from the 'bot mode, and here Megatron basically folds up the same way as Bay jet Megs or Prime Megs, but does much less with the arms; they just hang under there. Also the arms have these angled tabs to lock in on the body, but you have to use the elbow bend, bicep swivel and upper swivel to line it up to tab in, and it's not the most secure tab either. Also everything underneath the jet makes it forever tilting foward when it's laid on a flat surface, and this annoys me a lot. This mode is imho much weaker than the tank mode. It's great still that they made Megs a triple changer though.

    The 'bot mode is of course where this figure shines. There's so much details crammed into this Voyager sized figure. We often under appreciate the mold sharpness and accuracy from TakTom, but it really shines here, especially with the gorgeous silver paint covering a lot of the figure. Compared to the ILM studio model Sam shared though, I do wish the head was slightly bigger. Articulation here is top notch, the butterfly joints and front to back ankle joint really elevate an already pretty unrestricted body.

    The fusion cannon has a flip out panel with a 5mm peg on it, which does provide some versatility in terms mounting the cannon. One massive missed opportunity to me though, is the hands flip to reveal some pegs, but they are just a bit smaller than 3mm for no apparent reason? Or Megs could use his trusty chain mace similar to his G1 self (in the photos below I kind of faked the connection).

    Overall, Megs is a good example of when HasTak do the Cybertronian characters with made up alt modes right. The 'bot mode looks incredible and poses like a dream (and this is coming from someone who's not a fan of the BB Movie head designs). Tank mode is solid for a mode made up of robot kibble, and jet mode is lackluster at best but still good to have the option.

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    Concept Art MEGATRON
    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Legacy
    Hypo-line - Studio Series
    Size/class - Leader
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - XIV
    Released here - January 2024
    Approximate Retail Price - $100
    Approximate Size - 19cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-modes - Cybertronian tank, Cybertronian jet
    Main Features/Gimmicks - Triple Changer
    Main Colours - gunmetal grey & silver with black & burgundy accents
    Main Accessories - x1 Fusion cannon

    Beautiful robot mode. Looks great and plays well. Tank mode is also pretty good for a made-up Cybertronian alt mode; it's better than I expected. Jet mode is just bollocks though. I think that this toy is worth the Leader Class price point for the great robot mode and decent tank mode alone.

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    I think this one is in the early lead for ‘figure of the year’. I paid full RRP for this and don’t feel cheated in any way.

    One tip for tank mode that I think helps, is to leave the back of his head raised up a little (just means angling his head up before folding the chest down). Still keeps his face hidden, but gives the front of the tank a little more shape and bulk.

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    30th Dec 2007
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    They had this guy on display (along with Tidal Wave!!) in Akihabara and I gotta admit the robot looks durn tootin'! However the vehicle modes really don't do it for me. I'm afraid it'll end up falling into my "this guy is just a folded up robot mode."

    So, I'll need some cool pictures of his vehicle mode to convince me otherwise.

    Thanks evrybody!

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    27th Dec 2007
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    I've yet to transform him, because the robot mode is so beautiful. The details, the colours, the poseability, the sheer presence are all just great.

    I had a similar feeling about the leader Optimus Primal toy, it's been made to be such a wonderful looking robot action figure that I don't really mind abou tthe alt modes.

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