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Thread: Toy Review - SHOCKWAVE (Studio Series 110)

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    Default Toy Review - SHOCKWAVE (Studio Series 110)

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Studio Series
    Hypo-line - Bumblebee
    Size/class - Voyager
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - XIV
    Released here - March 2024
    Approximate Retail Price - $55
    Approximate Size - 19cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-modes - Cybertronian tank
    Main Features/Gimmicks - light-piped eye
    Main Colours - purple, grey
    Main Accessories - rubber hose, gun attachment

    IMO the Core Class figure is better, but obviously the Voyager scales better with most other toys. I prefer the darker purple and more ample use of silver highlights on the Core Class figure. Voyager Shockwave's arms don't swing out or in, so he can't place hands on his hips etc., whereas the Core Class figure can. The battle damage is done well enough on this toy; certainly not as awful as Siege.

    The robot mode looks quite nice. Cybertronian tank mode is predictably lame, as are all Movieverse Shockwave tank modes. At 19cm this is an impressively tall Voyager though; same height as his Leader Class wavemate, Megatron.
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    Paying Voyager price for an upscaled Core figure is, as it turns out, ENTIRELY WORTH IT. He is a hefty boy, very solid in both modes, the transformation is more fun than the simplicity would suggest, and he looks absolutely incredible.

    So glad I was finally able to nab him.

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