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Thread: Toy Review - WHEELJACK (Origin Wheeljack)

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    Default Toy Review - WHEELJACK (Origin Wheeljack)

    Origin WHEELJACK
    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Legacy
    Hypo-line - United
    Size/class - Voyager
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - N/A
    Released here - March 2024
    Approximate Retail Price - $55
    Approximate Size - 16cm (max height)
    Allegiance - Autobot
    Alt-modes - Cybertronian truck
    Main Features/Gimmicks - can transport Origins Bumblebee (sold separately)
    Main Colours - bandiera d'Italia
    Main Accessories - x1 blast shield, x2 buzzsaws, x1 gun

    Given the source material and what this toy is achieving, and especially within the confines of a Voyager budget, I think that Mark Maher and Onishi Yuuya have done an impressive job. Yes, there is lots of kibble on the back, but they've done a pretty neat job in having it trying to conceal it as much as they can. When I took these photos last night, I hadn't realised that Wheeljack's backpack kibble does clip into place onto the wings, so it does tuck in more tightly than what I've shown in these pics.

    Wheeljack can hold Origins Bumblebee in vehicle mode, which I think is a really nice feature. You can also attach Origins Bumblebee's energy conductors into the sides of the spoiler (finally, a toy that can hold those conductors!). The only minor gripe I have are the unpainted wings. This toy is a nicer than I expected. Recommended.

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    Can't help but feel this might have turned out a lot better if they'd just given up on the whole 'BB fits inside' gimmick early in the design phase. It's a lot of compromise considering BB doesn't really fit anyway.

    Still happy to see this be an official thing though, and I'll probably still pick it up because I want to support them when they try different things.

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    OTOH that gimmick is what sold me on this, would have just a Wheeljack who turns from the ER figure I already have into a box otherwise. I remember the moment of the two of them together, thats the attachment to Cybertronian Wheeljack for me. Even as a big Wheeljack fan would pass on it without that one feature because... design I already have but it wears a box on it.

    And I think the robot came out quite nice. Probably nicer than Bumblebee, who had similar compromises for turning into robots of 100% faux parts. Ig it helps that Wheeljack is a box not a sleek vehicle but still hard to imagine this design with this philosophy not wearing everything on its back

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