Beast Wars Universe SILVERBOLT
Series - Generations
Sub-line - Legacy
Size/class - Voyager
New/remould/redeco - New mould
Wave - 2
Released here - ??? (late March 2024 overseas)
Approximate Retail Price - $60
Approximate Size - 16cm
Allegiance - Maximal
Sub-Group - Fuzor
Alt-mode - half-eagle half-wolf creature
Main Features/Gimmicks - cartoon likeness
Main Colours - silver with bronze accents
Main Accessories - x2 feather weapons

  • Incredible cartoon likeness. Even has faux hinges on the outer chest which replicate functional hinges on the original toy and cartoon model.

  • Impressive range of articulation, including wrist swivels and ankle tilts. This toy even has functional waist articulation, which I honestly did not expect! Beast mode mouth can also open and close.

  • Flight stand ports in both robot and beast modes.

  • Wings are able to spread out or fold in; a big improvement on the original.

  • Outer feathers detach and become hand-held weapons, same as the original. These feather weapons are also airbrush painted, same as the rest of the wing feathers.

  • Toy is accented with a nice metallic bronze, as well as silver for the ridges that border the mid chest panel.

  • Lack of a missile launcher means that the feather weapons aren't going to keep accidentally shooting out like on the original toy.

  • This toy is incredibly well balanced. As you can see in my photos, I'm able to pose him doing not only a side kick, but also a front kick and reverse kick. Notice that Silverbolt's torso is completely erect in the front kick pose, which goes to show just how well balanced this toy is; I cannot think of any other Transformer toy that can pull off this pose. Usually I have to move the head/torso backwards to act as a counterweight.

  • Wings are a little bit loose on my figure; but nothing a few drops of Fix-Loose-Joints Action Figure or clear polish won't fix.

  • Lack of missile launching gimmick may make this toy less fun for kids; but on the Japanese version which I have, it says "For Ages 15+." Not sure why.

  • Wings cannot rest horizontally and allow the missiles to point forwards like in the cartoon, although it can point forwards vertically. This is a super-nitpick TBH and given that this is just a Voyager Class figure, not a Masterpiece, and given how well articulated the wings are in every other way, it's really a non-issue.

An absolute delight of a figure that exemplifies just how well Generations has gotten in being a "poor man's Masterpiece" (something I always say as a compliment). Well worth the Voyager price point; highly recommended.