Legacy United Autobots Stand United - Autobot Jazz, Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack, Autobot Hound
Series - Generations
Sub-line - Legacy/Generations Selects
Size/class - Deluxe
New/remould/redeco - Redeco of Legacy Evolution Detritus (Hound) , Studio Series 86 Jazz, War for Cybertron Earthrise Trailbreaker/Wheeljack/Sunstreaker
Released here - ETA July 2024
Approximate Retail Price - $230-250
Approximate Size - 13cm, 15cm for Trailbreaker
Allegiance - Autobot
Alt-modes - Porsche 935 Turbo (Jazz), Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Sunstreaker), Toyota Hilux 4WD camper truck (Trailbreaker), Lancia Stratos Turbo (Wheeljack), Willys CJ-3B Jeep (Hound)
Main Features/Gimmicks - G1 cartoon colouring including opaque light blue windows
Main Colours - light blue windows (all), white/black/grey (Jazz), white/grey (Wheeljack), yellow/grey (Sunstreaker), grey (Trailbreaker), green (Hound)
Main Accessories - same accessories as original moulds but Sunstreaker and Wheeljack have additional guns (solid plastic versions of Legacy Elita-1's); Hound has his cartoon-accurate hologram gun and shoulder rocket launcher

The main attraction of this pack is Hound, which, at this time, has not been released as a single figure. For most fans, this will mean re-buying the other figures to some degree. In my case, I already own all four and bought the pack for Hound. Am I happy to have spent $48 each (delivered) for Deluxe figures, which I bought for about $30 each ($45 for Trailbreaker, which I had to import)?

The answer is yes.

At this stage, Hound is exclusive to this pack, and I feel he is the best G1 Hound we have had. His robot mode is almost mini-Masterpiece. His Jeep mode is pretty serviceable and even tries to create seats. The colours are especially spot on. He does, though, have a big, rectangular hole in his vehicle tray.

The other reason to buy this pack is if you want G1 cartoon-colour versions of the other figures. For all four other figures, the colours match the cartoon very well. Because of the use of solid plastic, instead of transparent and painted plastic, the colours are even on figures, most noticeable when comparing Sunstreakers. However, even the solid plastic of Jazz is matched better than SS86 - the thighs, front wheel bonnets and spoiler are pure white and perfectly match the other solid plastic areas. Wheeljack is mostly unpainted, except the back of his hands, so these small panels do not quite match the unpainted white plastic.

Transforming Jazz/Trailbreaker/Sunstreaker/Wheeljack is the same as the previous moulds and I had no loose joints or fit issues, with a couple of exceptions. One of the nubs that allows the base of Trailbreaker's head to rotate down on transformation was flattened - if I rotate too hard, that base comes out of socket, but it's not hard to push it back in, and it does not fall out by itself. I think it is a manufacturing defect rather than mould degradation as it looks like it's been flattened. Also, with that base, it doesn't snap into place in robot mode like my Earthrise one, but it's not floppy. On the other hand, my Earthrise copy has slightly floppy knees but this one doesn't.

The other thing noticeable with transforming the non-transparent plastic canopies is how forgiving they are. They bend slightly now allowing for easier transformation and no worrying about breakage unlike hard, transparent plastic. So this might be another reason for you to purchase this pack.

Transforming Hound is a simple pleasure and the legs are similar to SS86 Brawn. Everything is tight and fits well.

As for paint jobs and tampographs - all figures are excellent with only minor unevenness of one of Hound's wrist yellow stripes, and this is coming from someone who pays attention to paint/tampo quality.

So, in summary, no major QC issues. However, I do worry about buying such large multi-packs without being able to inspect anything. If you get one bad figure, it could sour the rest, especially given the price.

Lastly, you get a double-sided instruction sheet the size of a poster.

So here are the photos... I don't have an opened Earthrise Wheeljack so I've used Netflix (with its creamy white paint) and I won't transform MP Hound as he'll crumble to dust, lol. Sunstreaker's backpack/engine accessory is painted identically, as is Jazz's gun (except the pegs on the sides). Earthrise Sunstreaker's yellow looks much more even here than in real life.