Series - EarthsPark
Size/class - Warrior
New/remould/redeco - New
Wave - 3
Released here - March 2024
Approximate Retail Prize - $29
Approximate Size - 12cm
Allegiance - Autobot
Sub-Group - Terran
Alt-mode - robotic pacycephalosaurus (stygimoloch stage)
Main Features/Gimmicks - flip-out blaster in right forearm
Main Colours - orange
Main accessories - none

A well balanced toy and the flip-out arm-mounted blaster is a neat gimmick. There are some nice looking metallic colours that nicely accentuate this mostly orange figure. And that is where my compliments for this otherwise underwhelming toy. My biggest gripe are the sides of body which don't solidly lock into place in robot mode. There are these tiny tabs that connect to ports on the beast mode elbows, but they're too small to lock in properly, and so they disconnect super easily, which then leads to the sides of the torso deforming during handling and play. The left arm outer panel (a non-functioning version of the right arm panel that houses the flip-out gun) is unpainted, causing the left arm to mismatch the colours on the right arm. This toy reminds me of why I dislike Warrior Class figures. Not recommended.

P.S.: The beast mode head is anatomically inaccurate. The face is far too flat, with the pacycephalosaurid snout being completely absent. The head dome rests too far forward on the forehead instead of the top of the skull. Having said that, this inaccuracy does come from the cartoon model, so I can't really hold it against the toy for emulating an anatomically incorrect show model.