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Thread: Giving Ravage a leg up

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    Default Giving Ravage a leg up

    One of the several parts lots I have acquired from Ebay included the right rear leg of a RotF Ravage.
    Couldn't see a use for it but held on to it just in case.
    So when I saw an auction for a Ravage that was missing the right rear leg I had to grab it.
    Trouble is it was the Sea Attack design - so a bit of repainting was needed.
    Fortunately the leg just plugged in.
    I think I pulled it off: just need a tail spike.

    The original leg compared to the Sea Attack colours

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    I am adding this post to my "I have to keep so much stuff in the garage that looks like it should be classed as junk but I could really need it badly one day darling" dossier of reasons items should not just be turfed.

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