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Thread: QLD Transformers Sightings.

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    Friday at Logan Hyperdome...

    Kmart - nothing worth noting (no Netflix toys, and the website said that they had no stock).

    Toymate - A large number of Botbots have shown up, discounted... nothing new though. They also have the Earthrise w2 Battlemaster Slighterfang (and Rung), as reported a few posts above... and new Cyberverse 1-steps Ratchet & Megatron.

    Then I went over to the Kmart at Sunnybank Hills because the website said that they still had stock of the Netflix toys... but when I get there, they tell me that the stock arrived yesterday (Thursday) and was still yet to be broken down and put into the store. They told me to come back on the weekend or next week.

    I returned Sunday morning, and they were still out the back "somewhere".

    I then dropped by again today, and they STILL haven't gotten to them... four days and they still haven't dealt with their last delivery.

    They said that I should ring up next time before coming to the store, but I just don't trust people answering the phone if they aren't familiar with the brand, as they would just guess at something and tell me the wrong info.

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    Carindale Kmart should have the Netflix bots out by now. I dropped in there this morning, they weren't out at 11am, but I sweet talked a helpful young assistant to go out the back and find me a Bumblebee.

    I had found Megs, that Seeker, Red, Jacky, and Elita at Cannon Hill Kmart around 9am. I took one Elita, leaving them one left.

    Carindale Myer doesn't have Earthrise Wave 2 out yet. I didn't ask if they are in the back, mainly because unlike the Netflix bots they should get a fairly wide release.

    Good hunting.

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