A drop in revenue in the post-christmas quarter saw a drop in profit for Hasbro, but was still in line with market estimates.
This article quotes the decline in revenue as 12% (from US$704million to US$621million), which slashed profits by 47% (from US$37million to US$20million).

This compares to Mattel, who had a 15% decline in revenue for the same period, from about US$920million to US$786million (which shows us the gap between the two biggest toy companies).

It does mention that the sales of Transformers declined during that quarter, but that could just be part of the steady decline of sales since the peak in 2007 for the first movie. Their next 3 quarters should see a huge increase in revenue and profits. Especially their international sales, for jacking up the prices to maintain their 'double-US-pricing policy'.