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Thread: How to report KO listings on ebay

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    Robot points. Then reissue Time Warrior!!!

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    Default An update for prosterity:

    First of all, one has to be logged in.

    Then click on the Report Item link which is located here:

    Attachment 3949

    You'll then be presented with the report page, I suggest selecting these options:

    Attachment 3950

    Once this is done, click on the Continue button which will present you with the following:

    Attachment 3951

    Here, you'll be able to add the item numbers of all the KO items this Seller is misleadingly selling as well as allowing you to give eBay brief description of what the situation is.
    Hit the Submit Report button and you'll then have completed the process.

    Spread the word people, let's tell the rest of the community how to bring these suckers down!

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