"I, Mixmaster, join you today in a footnote to the history of our great nation.

One score and five years ago, the first Transformers were being freed from the manacles of packaging. But twenty-five years later, we Cybertronians are still not free. A quarter of a century later, the lives of first and second generation Transformers are lived out in the shadowy bonds of plastic, cardboard and polystyrene. And now a secondary acrylic cell threatens to imprison us for eternity. Too long have we atrophied in non-biodegradeable prisons and the unrighteous bonds of plastic bubbles and boards of card.

But two thousand and nine is not an end but a beginning. We refuse to believe that the fuel pumps in human chest cavities have ceased to function. Just today, after twenty-five years trapped in a bubble as a cement mixer, my human emancipated me. After half-a-half-a-century, I can now swing my arms in a full eighteen-score degree range of articulation. I can stretch my single leg, the way Primus intended.

So, humans, whenever you free a Generation 1 or G2 Transformer from his bondage, I urge you to post in this thread. This thread that I have begun. A thread that I hope will grow into a string and from there to a rope until it is a massive cable of liberation. I want to hear vintage Transformers unsilenced. I want to hear robotic voices cemented in unison across Australia and New Zealand, crying 'Free at last! Free at last! Thank Primus Almighty, we are free at last!'"

WrittenandauthorisedbyMixmaster fortheVintageTransformerLiberationParty,Sydney.