These sighting are from 2-4 weeks ago. I visited a few shopping centres in the city I was staying at but was only able to find knock offs and Chinese made transforming toys. I was only able to find real Hasbro/Takara Transformers when I visited the bigger cities. A real Hasbro deluxe costs 3-4 time more than a voyager or larger size Knock off so it's unlikely many stores will stock Hasbro products.

Aeon at Teemall shopping centre in Guangzhou
Aeon is a large department store that also has a supermarket section. The store took up the whole basement level of the shopping centre.
The red sale sign means pay only 80% of the price.

Toys R Us at Coastal City shopping centre in Shenzhen

Ratchet is a Toys r Us exclusive in China

Remote controlled Optimus and Bumblebee toys.