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    Default The Action Pose Thread

    There's one over at Tfans but I thought it couldn't hurt to have one here too. Basically for anyone who doesn't know, the deal is you take pictures of your Transformers in cool or amusing poses for the rest of us to see. I'll start of with my Masterpieces.

    Firstly Prime:

    Took me a while to find a good pose to keep him in for a while. Since he'd arrived last week I'd put him in a standard, at ease pose but later decided it was too boring. This was the end result. I quite like it, but I'm willing to bet there are hundreds of people out there with a similar if not the same pose.

    Now Starscream and Skywarp:

    I really like these guys together but when put next to Prime and Megatron, their tiny stature kind of ruins them for me. Still, their poses are really nice. Unfortunately the photo doesn't really capture how cool they look in real life, but you get the idea.

    And finally Megatron:

    The simplest pose and unfortunately the worst photo. As we all know Megs isn't too well equipped in the posing field so I like to keep him in a simple armed fusion cannon pose. Simple yet effective.

    Now go forth loyal Ozformers! Produce millions of poses! Mua ha ha ha!
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