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Thread: Reprolabels Group Buy

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning to get a couple of stickers from repro labels. Was wondering if anyone else wanted to add to the order, since the postage is only $2. Also, I'm only after certain stickers in each sheet, so if any members here would like the remaining stickers, you can buy it off me for half the price.

    The sets I'm getting are:

    Animated Upgrade Set 2 (Optimus Prime; I just want the autobot faction sticker for the left shoulder)

    Animated Upgrade Set 15 (Soundwave; Want the stripe stickers on his chest, front and rear alt mode lights, rear alt mode window & play buttons)

    Classics Hot Rod (I just want the hood sticker)

    Classics Hound (I just want Ravage's sticker set).

    If we are group buying, I'll pay for the $2 postage. Everyone else just has to pay the cost of their items and the 50c (I think that's how much postage costs for letters nowadays) for me to post it to your address once they arrive.

    To the modderators, I wasn't sure which section this should go in, so please feel free to move it to the relevant place.

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    Under the Sales thread there's a sub-thread called group buys... :P
    the section/global mod will have to move this to the right thread.

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