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Thread: Transformers Movie 10th anniversary toys from Japan

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    Default Transformers Movie 10th anniversary toys from Japan

    It was always expected that there would be an anniversary series of toys for the Movie series in 2017, just as a marketing ploy to sell some old and new toys, but just three years after TakaraTomy had their first few Lost Age Advanced toys resemble an anniversary toyline, they are giving us another set of assorted toys from the four previous Movies.

    • MB-01 Classic Optimus Prime – reissue of Age of Extinction Evasion Optimus Prime
    • MB-02 Bumblebee – reissue of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Bumblebee, who comes with “new” accessories
    • MB-03 Megatron – reissue of Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Megatron, in a new screen-accurate deco.
    • MB-04 Shockwave – reissue of Dark of the Moon Voyager Shockwave
    • MB-05 Ironhide – reissue of Hunt for the Decepticons Deluxe Ironhide
    • MB-06 Ratchet – reissue of Dark of the Moon Deluxe Ratchet, in the deco Ratchet used in the first two movies. Includes “new” gun accessories.
    • MB-07 Soundwave – reissue of Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Soundwave
    • MB-08 Starscream – reissue of Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Starscream
    • MB-09 Grimlock with Optimus Prime – reissue of Age of Extinction Voyager Grimlock with new Optimus Prime rider accessory
    • MB-10 Strafe with Bumblebee – reissue of Age of Extinction Deluxe Strage with new Bumblebee rider accessory
    • MB-11 Optimus Prime – reissue of Leader class Striker Optimus Prime, with accessories like the swords from the Dark of the Moon version of this figure and the gas tank guns from the Revenge of the Fallen Buster Optimus Prime
    MB-01 to MB-08 look to be coming out in February, while the other three look like having a March release... which will lead into the usual April release of Movie toys.

    Each toy looks to have premium paint decos, and some will come with new accessories, including a couple of mini-riders.

    I think Hasbro will do something as well to cash in on the anniversary (like they do with the 1986 movie and the start of Gen1), but I would imagine they would only do one or two "Platinum Edition" sets or figures, instead of a whole range like TakaraTomy.

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    I feel like someone's missing... :/
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    Leader Starscream would be nice

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    I like the paint jobs on Shockwave and Soundwave - Shockwave's indigo is more screen-accurate than the original toy's purple, and the dull grey plastic on Soundwave was the only bad part of the original release.

    Looks like leader-class Optimus is the version of the figure from Jetwing Optimus, since it has the Buster gun fuel tanks and Striker Optimus didn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by tinyJazz View Post
    I feel like someone's missing... :/
    Sideswipe? Blackout? Jazz?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Collector View Post
    Leader Starscream would be nice
    I wonder how TakaraTOMY is selecting the figures. Surely leader-class Starscream is the best version of the character.

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    The rotf Starscream shown has a few more joints than the starscream that has been released thus far. Hopefully this is a sign (and not just a placeholder) that they will finally release the proper version.
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    MB01 to MB-10 are now on ToysRUs Japan website (mirrored here), giving us our first look at 09 and 10 (Grimlock & Strafe with new rider figurines).
    At the bottom of each listing there are links to the first eight Movie Anniversary figures, with images of all 11, and how they have been redecoed or have new accessories.

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    Wow, can't believe next year it will be 10 years already
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    Really struggling not to go all-in here because all the decoes are absolutely gorgeous. I've always wanted that HA Soundwave and the RotF Prime deco appears to be using the APS Ultimate Prime with separate fingers and paint-job.

    I wonder how much a kidney goes for nowadays?

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    I'm tempted by the HA soundwave, I'm trying to figure out if it has better paint than the original release.

    I like the idea of the voyager Starscream with that paint job but I have the Masterpiece version from Japan with the same paint job.

    I like the idea of the prime with the extra accessories and articulated fingers but I have the original prime jetfire two pack which I'm yet to open still.

    otherwise I think I can leave the rest. just none of it fits in the budget at the moment.
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    10th Anniversary Optimus Prime In-hand Images

    Source tfw2005

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