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Thread: Toy review - Studio Series 37 Rampage

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    19th May 2010

    Default Toy review - Studio Series 37 Rampage

    Series - Generations
    Sub-line - Studio Series
    Size/class - Voyager
    New/remould/redeco - New
    Wave - 6
    Released here - N/A
    Approximate Retail Price - $49 (Voyager class price point)
    Approximate Size - 17cm
    Allegiance - Decepticon
    Alt-mode - Bulldozer
    Main Features/Gimmicks - Screen accuracy, capable of forming part of Devastator
    Main Colours - Red, black
    Main Accessories - Display stand

    Vehicle mode

    A pale red bulldozer. Based on concept art for Revenge of the Fallen, Rampage is a Caterpillar D9L bulldozer, and while this toy has the same basic shape, there are substantial differences between the D9L and this model, so this is not an accurate representation of a D9L.

    There are three wheels allowing Rampage to roll, but on my example one of the wheels mounted in the treads doesn't roll freely.


    Transformation to robot mode is fairly simple and not particularly involved. The combined mode - Rampage transforms into Devastator's left leg and foot - is a little more intricate.

    While the Rampage that was seen to transform and combine into Devastator was yellow, this colour scheme represents Rampage as he appeared when he baited Sam with his parents in Egypt and ultimately fought Bumblebee.

    Robot mode

    Rampage certainly has an interesting form, with the designers eschewing legs in favour of a single large tail ending in a small unipod, and his preferred method of locomotion being jumping in a pogo stick-like fashion. To allow the figure to stand upright, the designers included a display base that plugs into a port at the end of the unipod. This base attaches to the bulldozer's underside in vehicle mode.

    Rampage's exact height depends on the degree to which his tail and lower torso are bent. Fully straightened, he stands just over 16cm at the top of his head, with the blade on his back adding a few millimetres.

    Rampage has limited articulation. His head can rotate in a limited range, and his neck pivots down. His shoulders can shift forward as well as allowing his arms to rotate forwards and backwards. Each of his three digits can move back and forth at two joints. He can bend and rotate at his 'waist', with a second hinge below the waist where his hips would be expected to be.

    The caterpillar treads on his arms are hinged at three joints, so they can be splayed out as the owner wishes.

    Rampage has an undocumented feature. It is possible to remove the tops of the hydraulic cylinders and attach them to the thumbs to give Rampage short gun barrels.

    The included backdrop is of the quarry by the pyramids in the Sinai, where the Constructicons gathered and then combined to form Devastator.


    Rampage has a distinctive and interesting design, and will stand out on the shelf.

    The lack of an elbow joint limits his articulation and therefore display options by making his arms seem stiff, but given that his arms actually form the sides of Devastator's left foot, it seems that a joint here was sacrificed in favour of making the 'soles' of the foot more sturdy.

    If you like the design, I recommend him, but I wouldn't call him a must-buy unless you're looking to make Devastator.

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    9th Apr 2008


    It looks like to me that hasbro has focused a lot on these constructicons in the price distribution for the waves. It looks great. Can you put him with scrapmetal?

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    11th Mar 2009


    Thanks for the great pics and review!

    Quote Originally Posted by Autocon View Post
    It looks like to me that hasbro has focused a lot on these constructicons in the price distribution for the waves.
    Agreed. Rampage looks to me another great individual release on its own.

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    19th May 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by Autocon View Post
    Can you put him with scrapmetal?
    No problem:

    I have Rampage slightly bent at the waist and 'hips', so straightening him out would add a couple of millimetres to his height.

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    27th Dec 2007
    Sydney NSW


    Got this toy today and it's already loads better than the ROTF Deluxe Class figure.

    Sure, it has its drawbacks, much of which is to do with the gimpy looking robot mode - but that's because it's accurate to a stupid screen model*, so I can't fault the toy for that. The shorter plastic treads aren't as nice as the long rubber treads on the ROTF figure, but the pros on this toy far outweigh the cons (whereas the ROTF Deluxe's cons far outweigh any pros).

    Okay, this toy isn't nearly as good as Scrapmetal, but that's because it's based on a screen model whereas Scrapmetal really isn't - at least, not as strictly. They've taken a lot more creative liberty with Scrapmetal. Given that this toy is being more slavishly screen accurate, I find it to be quite satisfying. Having said that, the adherence to screen accuracy does make the toy quite weird as the robot is basically a mechanical merman... which is what he was in the movie. A jumping pogo merman. But more importantly, this toy can combine. One of my biggest criticisms against the ROTF Deluxe was that it's a pretty underwhelming toy that doesn't even freakin' combine. Whereas I find SS Rampage to be a satisfactory that that can combine.

    In fact, my initial thoughts on ROTF Rampage - posted on 28/5/2009, was:
    Quote Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
    Rampage: Like Demolishor, there's a lot of cleverness in the transformation but the end result is disappointing. Hasbro's instructions are also inaccurate with the transformation to robot mode. Boo. Considering that the supposed reason why the Constructicons cannot merge is to make the individual toys better, I am really disappointed. After transforming these Constructicons I thought to myself, "That's it? And you guys don't even merge??!" (o_O) Fail!
    10 years later I'm still bitterly disappointed in ROTF Rampage, but I'm surprisingly delighted with SS Rampy. He's simple yet elegant. It works for me.

    *that's credited as "Skipjack" in the ending credits of ROTF

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    11th Mar 2009


    The black swivel joint with vent details is misassembled back to front on every copy out there. It’s pinned through so pretty difficult to fix. The pinned shoulder joints on mine are a bit loose too. Otherwise solid figure. The foot mode transformation is surprisingly involved which I really love.

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    31st Jul 2008


    Even though this guy has limited arm articulation (and looks pretty stupid from behind) he's one of my favourites of the recent studio releases (I prefer him over Bonecrusher, for example, even though Bonecrusher is objectively speaking far superior. He's got excellent shelf presence.

    Even with the stiff arms, the waist being able to twist, crunch and rotate means that you can still get some great attitude out of him when posing. Besides no elbows, the 'tread-whips' are a bit lame as well, not flipping out far enough to be of any real use.

    Personally I haven't transformed either this guy or Scrapmetal into combined mode yet, I'm saving that until next year when the whole gang is here...

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