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View Poll Results: Which would you want as your exclusive comic?
Outback oneshot (The Janus Crystal) 10 50.00%
Beast Wars Nexus Files (assorted) 3 15.00%
Spark Hunters (Movie universe) 1 5.00%
Regeneration (BT/Alt) 0 0%
Micro-Critters 3 15.00%
Dead World (TF:Legends) 0 0%
The Nightbeat Files (TF:Infinity - Prologue) 0 0%
None (post what you would prefer to see done) 3 15.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 18th March 2011, 05:39 AM
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Default Ozformers Anniversary Comic - what should it be?

One of the projects I hope to have done for this year is an exclusive comic for the local fans. Since everyone has different interests in Transformers (it's 27 years worth of stories after all), I still want to see what the greater interests are for this.

From a number of the stories I've written or outlined in the past, which would you prefer to see done as a comic?

Outback oneshot (same as a Spotlight)
(The Janus Crystal)
A flashback story, set in the official IDW universe (I adapted it from a Gen1 story I put together about 15 years ago), after Kup has been rescued and before Outback's Spark fades completely (see Spotlight Kup). He is drawn to a distant memory, of Centaurus Prime, the fake Prime. An Autobot who found a mysterious psychogenic crystal that had fallen to Cybertron, which could mimick whatever the holder wanted most. At a time when the Autobots had lost their leader and the Matrix, Centaurus found what he thought was the Matrix, but when he found out it was just an alien shape-shifting Crystal, he exiled himself, taking the Janus Crystal with him. Tracking it to Earth some time later, Outback landed in Australia, disguised himself as a stockman's offroad vehicle to find the Crystal, and picking up our local lingo in the process. Finding out about the quest, (Starscream) sends Seekers Icestorm, Firestorm and Acidstorm to Earth. Outback ends up defeating them, and finds the Crystal. Back to the present, the Crystal is revealed to be a sentient being that lives off the thoughts/minds of others, so he offers Outback life so that it can also continue to live. But does he accept? (The fans would decide if he lives or dies. If he lives, he would remain on that planet so that it doesn't conflict with the official Universe)

Beast Wars: Nexus Files
(I wrote up 13 extra episodes for Season 2 and Season 3 of Beast Wars, to make each 26 episodes)
Below are the Season 2 stories I wrote, which I can go into more details if it is the desired theme/series for our comic.
(Coming of the Fuzors p1)
(Coming of the Fuzors p2)
(Tangled Web)
(Maximal No More)
- - Prototype (A special exosuit with flight and vehicle modes is required to save Airazor and Tigatron, leaving a genetic imprint on Optimus)
(Other Visits p1)
(Other Visits p2)
- - Protective Measures (Rhinox installs an explosive device inside Megatron to prevent him from accessing the Ark)
(Bad Spark)
- - War Relics (Grimlock arrives on Earth to kill Dinobot, but is killed by Megatron, leaving a locked Transwarp ship with the Maximals)
- - Saving Angels (2 parts) (After Rattrap is almost killed, the Maximals seek revenge by hunting down and capturing most of the Predacons, intending to execute them. Tarantulas agrees to help Rampage and Waspinator rescue the others, allowing him to rejoin the Predacons, for a while)
- - Revenge Therapy (An electrical accident re-opens neural pathways within Waspinator, that were made dormant by Megatron, so that he could control one of the most powerful Predacons - Wingblade. Seeking revenge on both Predacons and Maximals, he ends up head first into a computer console, re-frying his brain.)
(Code Of Hero)
- - Reunion (A colleague of Tarantulas, called Skyshadow, is infused into a protoform, and he has a clocking ability. He steals Grimlock's ship from within the Axalon, and takes it to Megatron, betraying Tarantulas. Unfortunately for Skyshadow, a back-up explosive device was installed in the protoform before he was brought online.)
- - Temporal Shock (Cheetor finds another alien device, that sends him a year into the future. He finds that the Aliens arrived soon after he disappeared, killing all of those online at the time, and all the remaining protoforms were activated and enslaved. He must then fight his way back to the alien device, so that he can return to his time and warn the others)
- - Aqua Sting (Predacon sensors detect refined Energon deep in the ocean, so Megatron sends Rampage to investigate. He finds four aquatic-mode Transformers who are unaware of the war or their own allegiances. A fifth suddenly comes online from Rampage's proximity, claiming to be Depth Charge, but after they start fighting, his data-tracks tell him that he is just a clone, planted on the Axalon to follow Rampage in case he got free. Realising that they are both pawns, Rampage agrees to leave them alone.)
- - Sole Survivor (The last survivor of a race destroyed by the Vok, arrives on Earth after tracking Grimlock's ship (when Skyshadow stole it), and he is soon followed by a Vok scouting party.)
- - Beyond the Apocalypse (2 parts) (A full Vok invasion fleet arrives in the skies above the planet, destroying the Axalon and killing several Maximals and Predacons. On the Vok flagship, the previously captured Airazor escapes to Earth in a new Transmetal form, with information on how to defeat the Aliens - magnetics. Regrouping of the survivors, and resurrecting a long lost Transmetal Terrorsaur, Airazor and Terrorsaur fly to the magnetic poles to use a device to accelerate the next reversal of the Magnetic poles. The Vok ships in the atmosphere crash and are destroyed, but those in orbit survive and head for Cybertron. Tarantulas realises that the only way to stop them from invading Cybertron is to prevent the course of events causing it. He uses Grimlock's Transwarp ship to go back in time to destroy it before Skyshadow can use it - erasing the events of everything since 'Reunion'.)
- - Zombie (Rhinox finds and activates a protoform, but it appears to be brain dead, so he tries to set it up for remote control, which activates simple functions, like movement and speech. Rhinox calls him Bantor, because he keeps repeating everything. While out testing Bantor, Megatron ambushes them, and forces Rhinox to remove the internal explosive (from 'Protective Measures'). Bantor begins showing signs of sentience, and even sacrifices himself to save Rhinox. Megatron leaves, free now to continue with his 'Agenda'.)
(The Agenda p1)
(The Agenda p2)
(The Agenda p3)

Transformers: Spark Hunters (Season 1)
Movie Universe - plotted to be an 'affordable' TV series that could follow the first Movie, which would have minimal robot forms, and focus more on the characters and the vehicle forms of the robot characters.
Following on from the first Movie, Sector 7 has been disbanded, but not gone. The agency is now a renegade organisation, with access to technology and equipment not declared to the Government. Using Cybertronian technology, all Transformers on Earth are frozen into their vehicle modes, and are now being hunted in their more vulnerable modes. Without Government protection, Sam and his friends have to go on the run with the Autobots, while protecting the remaining Allspark fragment... because it is able to temporarily neutralise Sector 7's Mode-lock of any Cybertronian in its possession. Meanwhile, the first Autobot to arrive, answering the invitation of Optimus Prime (at the end of the Movie) is Arcee.

Transformers: Regeneration
Binaltech/Alternator Universe - Something has killed all the Transformers on Earth, leaving lifeless vehicles behind. Soon after, an alien race calling themselves 'Quintessons' invades the defenceless planet, to strip it of its resources and enslave the humans. While on the run, the new owner of a red truck finds an odd shaped, glowing device inside the engine compartment... which speaks to him, asking for help to return his Spark to his body, so that he can help fight back the occupation.

Transformers Legends
(Dead World)
In the distant future, the war is over, and Cybertron is a burnt-out ghost planet. An alien salvage expedition finds it, and is about to land and claim it as their own. The only things standing in their way is a hologram, 3 Guardians who have been in Status for thousands of years, and 8 prototype protoforms that are able to temporarily take on the form of anyone they are programmed to - but not all are brought online at once.

Transformers: Infinity
Prologue - The Nightbeat Files.
TFI is/was my all-encompassing story universe, that aimed to cover all characters and series in one story. Starting 16 years ago, I outlined over 200 chapters, and wrote over 60 before becoming too busy with real life, to be focussed enough on everything I had happening in the story.
The Prologue was never fully written, but it looked at the beginnings of the war (in my universe), the eventual separation of the two sides under Optimus and Shockwave, the creation of the ultimate weapon - Megatron, and also looked at how the ability to transform was actually a by-product of the combiner project.
So during this prologue story, they are all non-converting robots, and Nightbeat is tasked to track down 5 recent escapees... leading him to suspect Shockwave was behind it, while also finding that he has secretly developed the combiner process, which required each of his 'Combaticons' to convert into body parts. Later, Shockwave has the idea of using this conversion ability to have them turn into weapons and vehicles.

A story about what happened to all the Micromasters (because I had too much trouble working them long-term into my main Infinity storyline)
A small unknown spaceship is detected drifting towards Cybertron, with no signs of life. A detachment of Micromasters (because of the internal size of the unknown ship) are sent to salvage or destroy the vessel, but find themselves being picked off one by one. Tiny insectoid metallic creatures are attacking and eating the Micromasters like piranhas, and those that are left try to destroy the ship before it and the critters can crash on Cybertron.

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Old 18th March 2011, 09:46 AM
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Micro-Critters for sure!
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Old 18th March 2011, 11:58 AM
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I assume this is a one off comic? In that case some of these stories seem too long.

It also depends on the artist/s doesn't it? People who prefer drawing vehicles and humans might be a good match for the Spark Hunters, while a different sort of artist would be needed for the Beast Wars stories.

Overall I prefer the Outback "spotlight". It offers a bit of a variety in settings (different artists could draw the flashbacks/Spotlight Kup/earth/ scenes without it looking too like a mishmash), gives some prominence to an otherwise thrown away character by IDW and stars the club mascot. Go for that one.

Also I'd suggest the possibility of having Mosaic type one-two pager backups for more artist/story variety?
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Old 18th March 2011, 12:35 PM
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I voted for the Beast Wars Nexus stories as I felt they had the most potential, and some sounded very interesting, but fitting them into a 20 page comic would be very difficult.

Spotlight: Outback would be nice, and tie into the whole "Australian 15th Anniversary" feeling, plus would be a nice one shot.

Like Paulbots ideas of even incorporating Mosaic style one page comics as well, perhaps from another artist or two who could not devote the time to a full comic? Perhaps even getting the mosaic team on board? Richter has always been open to ideas for mosaics...
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Old 18th March 2011, 01:29 PM
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The different artist styles is indeed something I'm concerned about incorporating, as the big criticism of IDW is their constantly changing art/character/alt-mode styles. Flashbacks will help, which is why the Outback story might be easiest to get around that.
Lengthwise... stories can be condensed if you're careful, like using more dialogue than visual references. IDW suffers from padding out their issues/stories, so I would be looking at something that has the story of one IDW issue, but taking up a lot less pages, just to get to the point.

One other idea I didn't include was a total reboot, using Classics/Gen1 styles. It's a more recent story idea, so isn't fully worked out, but it was in response to how to contend with falling readership of the rather complex IDW universe now, in order to draw in new and old fans, who would rather see classic Gen1 that they are more familiar with. But the partial reboot of AHM seemed to also draw criticism... and I figured that a one-off comic here wouldn't be able to do it justice.

Besides, I like the idea of the Outback comic being able to use a character that IDW only introduced as a corpse, while also filling it with as much Aussie lingo as possible just to confuse any American readers who may stumble upon a copy in the future.
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Old 18th March 2011, 02:55 PM
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Outback all the way

We need an 'Australian' based comic
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Old 18th March 2011, 04:25 PM
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My vote is going to have to be for Outback. I like the idea and like it was mentinoed it does allow for multiple art styles.

also potentially ties into the proposed convention exclusive idea of SilverFromOz.

I also really liked the sound of the Alternators story idea.

I am just starting to dabble in art a bit, so probably not much help but open to requests for consideration.
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Old 18th March 2011, 07:07 PM
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Outback for sure, he's been devoid of some love for quite a while and neither IDW, Dreamwave or Hasbro have done him any favours.
As much as I love Beast Wars, I wanna see some Outback love!
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Old 18th March 2011, 09:49 PM
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I voted for the Outback one-shot. I think the Beast Wars and Infinity stories are more interesting, but the Outback one fits the intended format better as well as keeping with an Australian feel.
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Old 19th March 2011, 03:39 AM
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Well totally off topic but i thought we could have outback somehow brought back to life and turned into a Dingo! We could have flashbacks as to how and why etc...can be over different series like end of robot wars when he was brought back and then transfer into the beast era. Landing in the OUTBACK he scans a dingo in present day not the past like bws. Can have different artists do the different eras. We could make him do something very extra ordinary!! that sets the tf universe in the future, the future that doesnt exist yet in any cannon.

But yes vote for outback spotlight and we need to get a aussie word lingo specialist in
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