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Old 29th November 2011, 11:24 PM
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Default Custom Mc-18 Profile

After owning this awesome little guy and feeling like he should have been available as part of the Transformers line, I decided to write a custom bio for him.

Name: Lock-Up
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Counter-Espionage/Security

"The smallest detail can get you killed"

Profile: Considered by many to be a cross between Repugnus and Bumblebee, Lock-Up is as protective of those put under his protection as he is vindictive towards those who threaten them. His professional pride and diligence tends to alienate Autobots initially, but those who persevere long enough are rewarded with a friend whose loyalty is unquestionable.

While Autobot High Command has often been greatly impressed by his results, the methods he can sometimes use are a different matter indeed. Though nowhere near as bad as Repugnus, his tendency to torture captured Decepticons to gain information has seen him at odds with many high ranking Autobots. Optimus Prime in particular has shown great concerns and continues to be critical of his methods, continually reminding Lock-Up of what is meant to separate the Autobots from the Decepticons.

Lock-Up however is far too pragmatic about his role, believing that ideals and morality is something he simply does not have the luxury of. As far as hes concerned, if winding up in the Pit is the cost of even one bot being saved, then the sacrifice is worth it.

Abilities: Lock-Up, much like Blaster and his Cassette forces, possesses minaturisation abilities during transformation, however unlike Blaster, he uses them far more defensively than offensively in espionage. Lock-Up transforms into a padlock, able to mimic any key type and to adjust his tumblers at any time, making him unpickable in his alt mode, while granting him complete stealth while guarding any cargo or individual. Though not terribly strong not fast, his agility and stealth give him the upper hand in most situations.

While intended to be defensive weapons, Lock-Up's personal armaments have been used by him to great destructive potential. His shoulder mounted force-field generator has been used not just to protect bot himself and those within the field, but projected in such a way that it kills opponents by their own ricocheting weapons firepower or crushes them into the closest wall. Mounted to his force field generator are twin hardpoints which fire Ion Missiles, which deliver highly localised EMP bursts on impact. Depending on the setting the warhead is programmed at when fired, the damage ranges from merely knocking out an opponent, to causing entire systems in the target to overload and even explode in some cases.

The same is also true of his barrier rifle, being used not only for its intended function of encasing an object or individual in an adjustable protective forcefield, but in controlling the size of that field to crush opponents during interrogations, to the point where fatal implosions are often the result.

Weaknesses: Due to his methods and manner, very few Autobots take the time to get to know Lock-up, alienating him from the vast bulk of the Autobot Army and making help unlikely if he was ever in trouble. His Barrier Rifle and force-field generator both are incredibly draining, making them only able to be used continuously for short periods.
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