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Old 6th February 2008, 08:37 PM
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Default 43things.com + 43list

i thought this website would be great for you collectors. It allows you to make goals and lists that you can organise and prioritise. Item in the list can have text and images. It sorta like an online blog ,dairy and organiser, that can be useful to help keep track of the transformers you are ordering, wanting to buy and brought. The best thing about it is that it you can share your journey with the community and other. others can "cheer" and write comments.

Some of the good features are completing goals as a team. Say one person makes a goal to get encore omega supreme. Other members can adopt this goal , make a deadline and complete the goal as a team.

The website is useful for the collector who has a dreamlist and wants to share and organise their transformer goals.

This isnt an advertisment , i thought it would be a great tool. And maybe for ozformers a great suplement for the community.
Wanted items:
eHobby Orion Pax and Dion
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Old 6th February 2008, 08:42 PM
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Hmm may be useful for those who like to try new Web 2.0 tools...

But as it's not TF related I've moved it to the appropriate section.
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