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Old 26th January 2010, 02:13 PM
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Default Ozformer Awards 2009: Part 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie

2009 Ozformer Awards: All Time Favourites | ROTF movie | ROTF toys | Animated | Universe/Japanese | Comics | Fandom

2.1 Favourite Autobot in the Movie
Winner: Optimus Prime (32%)
Runner ups: Sideswipe (21%), Jetfire (11%)

2.2 Favourite Decepticon in the Cartoon
Joint winners: Ravage and Starscream (20% each)
Runner ups: Megatron (9%), Devastator (6%)

2.3 Favourite Human character in the Movie
Winner: Mikaela (18%)
Runner ups: Sam (11% tie), Simmons (11% tie)

2.4 Favourite fight/action scene in the Movie
Winner: Forest battle (Optimus vs Megatron, Starscream and Grindor) (59%)
Runner ups: Shanghai showdown (11%), Devastator's rampage (5%)

2.5 Funniest scene in the Movie
Winner: Judy gets high (11%)
Runner ups: Leo tasers himself (8%), Appliances attack (6% tie), Tighter t-shirt (6% tie), Wheelie gets friendly with Mikaela's leg (6% tie)

2.6 Character from the Movie (human or robot) you don't want to see in a third movie
Winner: Skids and Mudflap (22%)
Runner ups: Leo (16%), Mikaela (15% tie)

2.7 Character (or group of characters) you most want in a third movie
Winner: Dinobots (16%)
Runner ups: Sidewsipe (6% tie), Unicron (6% tie)

Additional comments:
"Its like watching a chase all around the world ( amazing race- chase style) CGI is good but story/plot , reaaally weak."

"I seem to be repressing my memories of having seen this abomination."

"Best Transformers movie sequel ever."

"Too much human stuff, not enough robot stuff. Come on its TRANSFORMERS, not a RomCom featuring two young people too scared to say 'i love you'.. Also, a little bit much US army plugging"

"Every moment of Ravage's screentime was perfect! Very natural-looking movements, well, as natural as you can get for an robot alien cat. Emulates a big cat really convincingly. I also love the growling, not just ravage but the others like Megatron throwing in an angry rumble."

"I still liked the movie, but would be good if had more transformer scenes than human ones"

"Loved it "

"Awful. Just awful."

"It was the highest grossing film of the year but had horrible reviews. It will be interesting to see whether the public 'liked' ROTF and will sit through the third film, or will feel burned for paying and sitting through a dodgy ROTF movie."

"Best Earning Bad Movie Ever. :b"
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Old 26th January 2010, 02:19 PM
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Poor Bumblebee... he needed more screen time!!!
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