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Old 3rd July 2010, 04:55 PM
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Default Toy Review - Fans Project Defender

Important Disclaimer: This is not a licensed Transformer, thought it does seem to be intentionally suggestive of G1 Springer

I've been a bit lazy hoping someone else would kick start this, but after just writing all this somewhere else to answer someone's question, it seems more fit to just start a topic about it.

This is an awesome figure. I absolutely love all three modes, BUT, the transformation between the three is a bit frustrating due to some serious stiffness. The shoulder socket transformation is so stiff I find it daunting every time. There is also a tab in the back of the waist that clips into his back that I had to apply so much force to align, i ended up shaving a bit of the tab off to be more comfortable with it.

The stiffness of some joints is frustrating in that regard (never thought I'd say that), and unfortunately some other key joints (knees) are just too loose after a bit of play and can't be tightened (pins vs. screws). And the last grievance is that he doesn't stand straight up very well. He's great to pose any other way and is relatively stable therein, just not standing straight up.

The weapons and their stowability (in all three modes) is just amazing. Not only can you holster his pistols in his hips, but he can actually reach down and pull them out himself. With your assistance of course, but the fact he reaches makes for some very cool poses.

Regardless, it's still a remarkable piece of engineering, all three mode are awesome, and while I think it's already one of my favorite pieces in my collection (I was always very partial to Springer and his futuristic modes as a child), if the transformation was the slightest bit less frustrating, it could be one of the greatest 'bots of all time.

The comic is really neat and not only shows an evil Defender clone, but also three other characters: Revolver, Recoil and I can't remember the 3rd. Recoil and the latter are pretty non-descript, but Revolver clearly looks Roadbuster inspired.
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Old 5th July 2010, 08:38 PM
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I love the toy too! Great fun to go from one mode to another to another! That said, he *does* look great with a bulky roadbuster that's taller than him. Aww yeh. 8D

I do however feel that the grey on him Is far too transluscent and plasticky. I don't know if I am going to do anything about it yet though..

Glad to have gotten him at last. (:

Current Wants:
Shadow Scyther
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Old 11th July 2010, 07:06 PM
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I want to like him. I really really want to like him. But he's very middle of the road for me - most of the stuff on him is varying degrees of the wrong side of floppy (especially the knees, the armguard/canister holder things, and the sideways shoulder movement joint). The alt car mode doesn't really work - it's pretty blatantly the robot folded up with a cockpit on top, and the helicopter mode is essentially the same except with the back end clipped together and a rotor.

I do like the accessories and the way they're stowed but if I'm being honest that's about it really. For the price they're going for I expect a lot more - for their sturdiness and alt modes I'd definitely have a Universe 2.0 Deluxe over this (let alone the 3 that I could have bought otherwise).
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Old 18th July 2010, 08:07 PM
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Default Warbot Defender Reviews

I recently received Warbot Defender and after a few transformations and some playing I am now ready to express my opinions on one of the most anticipated releases this year.

I won't go into heavy detail as it's been a few months since release and this figure has been already reviewed to death so I will concentrate on my own opinions and observations which reviewers may not have addressed.

The figure comes packaged in Robot mode so we'll start there.

Warbot Defender Robot Mode

Warbot Defender is a highly articulated figure with lots and lots of articulation which allow for an endless amount of poses including kneeling, walking and running poses. As mentioned by several reviews, he is indeed a little back heavy but it's much more minor than they let on. The figure is very well proportion weight wise and despite the lack of heel spurs, he is very stable even in neutral poses. He would only fall back in a neutral pose if you begin to shake the table or if the surface isn't flat.

Having mentioned that he is well proportion weight wise, I am afraid that the same cannot be said as far as sculpted and design proportions go. When you look at Defender from the side, you will notice that his head is positioned further back than his legs giving him a bit of an odd look from the side. This is somewhat similar to 6" Titanium Rodimus who is a reverse of this with his head way too forward and legs aligned further back but Defender is no where near as bad or noticeable. This is a very minor issue which is not really evidently obvious in the mold unless you look but is worth mentioning.

He comes with 3 weapons, a Sword and two twin hand guns. The guns are one molded solid piece but are detailed and look cool enough. As mentioned in Reviews, the figure is articulated enough to be able to pick up and unholster the guns from it's leg storage which is very impressive. The sword looks more like a Scimitar than the Springer Sword from the G1 toy which adds a lot of unique personality to it. Although many reviews have mentioned the sword to be very fragile which is perfectly understandable as that is the first impression due to how thin it's molded, it has been revealed that it is actually very durable. This was shown by Frenzy_Rumble who folded the sword almost in half with no damage. My only gripe with the sword is that the grey peg used for the helicopter mode looks somewhat odd.

A very nice and highly articulated robot mode offering massive play value and evoking the character of G1 Springer very well despite being a completely original toy.

Armored Car mode

Transforming the robot mode into car mode is elaborate enough to be satisfactory but not too difficult. It is the more straight forward but satisfying transformation sequence of the 2 vehicle modes as it's engineering is complex enough to require help from instructions at first but easy to remember once done.

The armored car mode is much heavier and more militaristic looking than G1 Springer's but it doesn't look slow or clumsy due to the six wheels all of which fully touches the ground and even rolls really well in smooth surfaces which I found impressive. It's weapons are the dual handguns attached at the front which can be a bit odd looking and he can only shoot forwards but the car looks maneuverable and speedy enough for this not to be a big problem.

This mode is the biggest departure from G1 Springer as the car mode is wider and as mentioned, more militaristic looking but it still would suit the G1 character nicely due to the color scheme and detailing which works really well.

Helicopter Mode

Despite the vehicle and Helicopter modes looking deceivingly similar, there is a lot of difference when it comes to the transformation sequence. It is very elaborate and somewhat difficult to transform Warbot Defender from any mode into Helicopter due to a very unorthodox form of engineering, specially with the arms. With Takara-Tomy engineering we are used to having limbs fold 'squarely' into the body in vehicle mode but this isn't the case here as the arms snap in place at an angle which requires very complex and precise folding. I have already transformed mine at least 3 times and needed help from instructions every time but I am sure that eventually I will get it right without assistance.

The Helicopter is very nicely detailed and looks very functional as a Cybertronian mode successfully tributing the G1 toy as well as the character while being fairly different and unique. The sword unfolds nicely into helicopter blades and the peg fits tightly enough but allows the blades to spin freely which is very cool.

It is certainly a very cool LHX style Cybertronian helicopter.

Material quality and Paint applications

This figure has really high end plastic, it looks really good and evoking a similar feel to the plastic you see in high end Macross toys. The plastic is thick and feels very durable. I was very impressed by how solid this toy feels.

The paint apps are also superb of a very high paint quality with no defects or smudges anywhere to be seen. The die cast and plastic parts blend in superbly due to this and despite several transformations into different modes, there isn't one scratch on the surface.

The only problem that I see with this really high end finish and materials is that the toy fails to do what it was initially set out to do. This toy was made in order to give us a proper alternative for a triple changing Classics Springer after Hasbro officially announced that they would not do one. Unfortunately due to the overall high end quality of this toy, he stands out when displayed with Classics, Universe and even Henkei toys as not belonging there unlike City Commander who despite his higher quality plastic, does blend in nicely with Classics and Henkei toys.

This is a big issue for me as the toy stands out too much in the display shelf and only displays well with the Masterpiece toys despite the lack of scale.


Superb figure very high end with quality which only compares to Takara-Tomy's more high end toys like Masterpiece but still excels it. Lots of articulation and play value with very satisfying and complex engineering. He works well as a display and play piece with extensive articulation and very solid and durable. The biggest flaw with the figure is that it fails to 'fit in' with Classic and Henkei toys which is the real reason for why this figure exists.

Having said that, this 'Not Springer' is by far the most Springeresque toy we have gotten since 1986. No other toy since have been able to tribute the character anywhere near as well as Warbot Defender.

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Old 18th July 2010, 08:15 PM
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merge and form 1THREAD


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Old 18th July 2010, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by blackie View Post
Yeah, thanks. missed that thread.
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Old 22nd November 2010, 05:11 PM
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Just wanted to say that I am really loving this guy and I highly recommend picking him up if you're open to third party items.
I am curious though, when I opened my package up, I was presented with 2 baggies of weapons - Did anyone else have this occur?
(Not complaining, just means I've got spares )

His Robot mode looks awesome, it's a pity the shoulder hinge is lower than where it should be and the lack of a proper horizontally opposed ankle joint is a bit disappointing but they're completely understandable in that some sacrifices have to be made when attempting to engineer a Triple Changer - that being said, the sacrifices are extremely minimal compared to what HasTakTom are forced to do.

His Armoured Car mode is extremely Kickass! and feels really nice and sturdy and has a really cool 'Cybertronian' car mode aesthetic that I really dig.

The Helicopter mode has a cool 'Cybertronian' edge, once again, though where the back of the feet plug into is quite fiddly to say the least - but that being said it holds together really well.

The Transformation, I feel, is were one gets the most enjoyment out of this figure.
It's really well engineered and quite intuitive in how it converts from one mode to the next - I would say though that the Helicopter mode is probably the trickiest but what I am really impressed with is the fact that no mode seems tacked on at all - with all 3 modes having a distinct look that by no means gives you the impression that it's a "Heli-Car" or an "Auto-Copter".

This figure really does show that, unlike Bandai, there are other companies in the world that can make a Transforming Robot Toy that is all shades of cool and not just a Minibot approach.
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Old 24th November 2010, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Hursticon View Post
Just wanted to say that I am really loving this guy and I highly recommend picking him up if you're open to third party items.
I am curious though, when I opened my package up, I was presented with 2 baggies of weapons - Did anyone else have this occur?
(Not complaining, just means I've got spares )
I got 4 baggies, but one is the norm apparently.
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