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Old 11th March 2008, 04:38 PM
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Default This KO promoting thing is going too far

Its bad enough that TFW2005 is promoting a new KO G1 'accurate' Reflector release but they are also promoting the KO Alt Prowl!!

Some could see that the KO Reflector and other 'lost mold' G1 releases as 'gray areas' since those toys will likely never see an official release again but promoting the Alt Prowl? That is beyond crossing the line

On the KO front: We will be charging for Metrotitan preorders starting on
Tuesday March 11th. Also we will be charging for the Alt Prowl preorders
including the Chinese Police version. (if you have not been charged already)
These are all shipping by the end of this month along with a few other KO
Alts including the American Police version of the Acura, the blue Acura and
the original Japanese version of the Acura. For the Generation 1 style of
KOs, Devastator box set, Insecticons, and Snarl are shipping immediately
along with a few older figures, Grimlock, clear Optimus Prime and a few
others. Wheeljack and Sunstreaker are now said to be shipping in April along
with a surprise to me: Reflector. Reflector should be available in three
versions, Original Japanese box, original US white mailer box or an newly
created American style Generation 1 box. The date for Reflector is not
confirmed (like usual) but I am told late April or perhaps early May!
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