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Old 26th July 2010, 05:05 PM
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Default Sleeve's Childhood Reclamation

Howdy all.

Recently I got my synapses firing and decided it was high time to reclaim all the G1 figures I lost as a child, as well as finally get my hands on figures I've always dreamt of owning. I use 'lost' loosely as I did not lose them per se, instead I sold them all when I was but a wee lad of nine years on. But that, my dear friends, is a tale to be continued in a soon-to-be-posted collection thread.

Anywho, this here is a list of everything I'm in the market for. I will obviously be scrounging many from that wonderful little wallet-buster we all know as eBay, but I figured if anyone here was looking at offloading any of these figures in the not too distant future, I'd very much be interested. Due to financials I can't afford to go all-out and buy everything at once, but I'm making sure I get the feelers out.

Ideally the figures would be complete, loose is preferred (transforming toys should be free from confinement!), and as long as they're not junkers I'm happy - just something to sit on the shelf and look pretty, right? The groups are sorted by year only for reference purposes - if something has been re-issued and that's what's available I'll take it, for example my impending ownership of Predaking, Sky-Lynx and Combaticons thanks to some helpful friends.


- Inferno (llamatron)
- Grimlock
- Powerglide
- Seaspray (llamatron)
- Tracks (llamatron)

- Combaticons:
- Eject
- Ramhorn
- Sandstorm
- Scrapper (Decoy)
- Springer (llamatron)
- Stunticons:
Dead End
Drag Strip
Motormaster (bruticus)

- Overkill (Oilspill)
- Slugfest (bruticus)

- Fizzle
- Powermaster Optimus Prime (bruticus)
- Quickmix (bruticus)
- Sizzle

- Bristleback
- Ironworks
- Micromaster Patrols:
Air Strike Patrol (Nightflight, Storm Cloud, Tailwind, Whisper)
Off Road Patrol (Highjump, Mudslinger, Powertrain, Tote)
Race Car Patrol (Free Wheeler, Roadhandler, Swindler, Tailspin)
Rescue Patrol (Fixit, Red Hot, Seawatch, Stakeout)
Sports Car Patrol (Blackjack, Detour, Hyperdrive, Road Hugger)
- Micromaster Transports:
- Skystalker

- Axer
- Micromaster Patrols:
Air Patrol (Blaze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, Tread Bolt)
Race Track Patrol (Barricade, Ground Hog, Motorhead, Roller Force)
- Micromaster Squads:
Constructor Squad (Excavator & Stonecrusher, Grit & Knockout, Hammer and Sledge)

- Hook
- Rotorstorm (kup)

Always Wanted:-

- Dinobots:
- Predacons:
- Scorponok
- Sky Lynx (griffin)
- Skyquake

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Old 26th July 2010, 10:26 PM
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I have a spare Bristleback's Pretender shell if you're interested.
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Old 28th July 2010, 10:54 AM
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Might be able to sort you out with an Inferno and Tracks... will check later!
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Old 28th July 2010, 07:35 PM
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i sent you a PM about some of the figures on your list.
check for it later.
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Old 2nd August 2010, 05:08 PM
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Updated with the current status after some help from some very fine folk, and deleted some discrepancies I had in the list (thought I needed some Micromasters that it turns out I never had).

Goki, sent a PM about Bristleback's shell, mate.
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Old 3rd August 2010, 09:10 PM
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I have a Sizzle (the fire-thingy doesn't work) I could part with. I was gonna hold onto him 'cos a funny-car is a pretty nifty alt-mode but if he'll bring back treasured childhood memories it's probably better he go to someone who really wants him.
Think I have a Highjump and Swindler, and possibly a Tailwind, on my not-really-wanted list too. Lemme look into it, and PM me if I haven't got back to you in a few days.
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