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View Poll Results: RtS G2 Optimus Prime - worth buying?
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Only if cheap 8 26.67%
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Old 19th January 2011, 09:41 PM
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Thumbs down Toy Review - RtS G2 Optimus Prime

EPIC FAIL! Don't buy it - save your money for something else!

Now that I have that out of the way, for those still interested, keep reading, but those that aren't, save your money and time - don't keep reading further since this guy just isn't worth it IMO.

Let me just start off by saying that I wasn't impressed with the way this guy looked from the initial time I saw the first pics of him.

Now that I have him in hand, I wish I could turn back time and reseal him back up into his plastic prison and hide him in the corner somewhere.

He may be an okay homage to the original G2 version, but in this era, this guy just stinks.

RTS G2 Prime should have been released in the Armada or Energon range...actually scrap that, the homage should have even been done pre-Armada since Armada Deluxe Prime is way cooler and a much better toy than this guy by light years.

His transformation is simplistic and a tad bit fiddly but the overall look of this guy is where he suffers the most - get him if you love Hasbro grey since there's an abundance of it.

He lacks paint apps in plenty of spots and even the pic on the cardback has been doctored up - it shows red paint on his knee caps whereas on the actual toy, it's left as black plastic....cheap looking black plastic.

The only thing cool about this guy is his sword (and that's only because I love sword-wielding bots).

Anyways....this guy's not worth buying unless you can pick him up for under $15 or you solely want him so you can have one of this mold (like myself).

4/10 (I've even voted 'No' to buying him)

**EDIT - I went back and transformed this guy again and realised that the wheels on his legs can be pushed up and in to sit further inwards (so as not to resemble Armada Prime where the wheels just sit on the side of his legs). Typical me, should have read the instructions Nonetheless, this doesn't redeem him any way - I still score him a 4/10 - below average**

Here's a pic of Armada Prime owning him - he's that bad!

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