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Old 17th June 2008, 04:34 AM
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Default Board relocation failed! Now for plan B, or C, or something...

The relocation of the board to the new server host failed, and it is my fault for not reading the 'fine print'.
The new server host is one of the leading web hosts in the country, with very comprehensive features and services, and is one of the longest running in Australia.
Unfortunately, when I read that they supported MySQL (the database for this board) as an add-on feature, I never thought that there would be any size restrictions to the database, because this is one of the leading web hosts in the country.
Since they offer their own web-based forums, they only support a limited access to PHP based Databases (MySQL), on a different server (which was only mentioned when I rang up to ask why there was a size limit). In the fine print of the server host, it says that they can only provide 15Mb space for the Database, and a maximum of 10 connections. Our (small) board is currently using 40Mb of space, so even if I trimmed down the bulk of the board to a third of its size, it would only allow a maximum of 10 people on it at a time.

They do list the Microsoft version Database as an alternative, but the cost to add it on is about $140, and there is no guarantee that the existing board files and postings would work on the different database format. Since I've already spent $160 to create an account at this server host, I'm not too keen to risk an extra $140 just to test out the only option I have left at this new server.

I was really caught out on this one. I mean, all the really cheap server hosts offer a range of Database options, that draw on your monthly Disk Space amount (400Mb is the space I have on the old server), so why would one of the most expensive, leading server hosts, have limited Database options that don't draw on your Disk Space because it is hosted on a separate, smaller Server that limits you to just 15Mb.

I really screwed up by not spending hours reading through every little detail, and just expecting certain standards to the 'add-on' features.
I am really sorry about this new hurdle to a better messageboard. As this drags on, I'm sure I'm losing people every day. Not to mention the fact that no one has been registering, which suggests that it is one of the functions that doesn't work on the old server host.

Okay, so what's next?
I have to spend most of today investigating new server host options. Thanks to Kurdt_the_goat, I have one option already checked out. And if I can't find anything in Brisbane, I will probably go with his Perth host.
I will report back by 3pm my time, on what is being decided.

Until then, and until I can actually relocate this board to somewhere that actually works, you will need to use the old server host address now for this board:

The otca.com.au address *should* redirect to that IP number address, but in case it doesn't, copy and paste that number address into the URL bar of your browser.
Do not use the temporary domain link quoted in the previous posting/email, as it will either redirect to the old server, or, show a page that says 'website under construction'.

When the redirection starts taking affect, it may or may not affect parts of the board, more than it already is being affected. That's because there are multiple components within the board that use the domain name in them, and the auto-redirect may not affect those components.
Jaydisc has suggested a web-tech option to limit this, and I will see if that can be used while the transition between 3 servers occurs over the next few days.
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