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Old 18th January 2012, 07:27 AM
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Default 5FDP's Mortal Kombat Collection

Below is my Mortal Kombat collection. The funny thing is, I never really considered myself a collector of MK until I thought about what I had accumulated over the last 20 years (yes, this year is the 20th anniversary of MK!).

My collection comprises the first issue of the Mortal Kombat comic series Ė written and illustrated by John Tobias, the super-rare Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade Game Soundtrack, two MK t-shirts which were free with their respective game purchases, MK2 collector posters which came with the monthly Timezone magazines, and of course the games amongst other things.

The observant person would realise that I do not own MK vs. DC nor the Ďadventure games' Mortal Kombat: Special Forces and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, thatís because I donít care for these games at all and donít consider them to be part of the mythology. I also donít have many of the figures released because up until recently, they were all pretty much garbage.

I have also owned MK2 on the Sega 32X and MK Plug & Play (recently reacquired mostly for it's novelty value) in an effort to own the best port of both games. As it turns out, neither lived up to expectations and were traded off a long time ago.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to ask questions.

Game Guides

Comics, Magazines, and Print Ads


Trading Cards

Arcade Games
(Not pictured Ė MK Arcade Kollection & Midway Arcade Treasures 2)

Adventure Game

Plug & Play

LCD Handhelds


Bookends / Statue

(The MK Movie Soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks IMO and the reason why I got into Fear Factory)


Animated Video

Digital Watch



New Acquisitions:
TR Astrotrain, Skullsmasher, & Hardhead
Scouting For:
G1 Boxes & Cardbacks
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