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Old 11th April 2012, 03:51 AM
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Default A JP Fortress Maximus is indeed coming...

...but not as you'd expect.

After the next wave of Kabaya models of Protectobots, Deathsaurus & WFC Optimus (due out some time before June), the set of 3 after that will be Fortress Maximus!

Split up into 3 parts (which will make it difficult to offload the odd 2 in a case of 8), each part comes with a mini-bot (Powerglide, Windcharger) or Cerebros.

So, looks like we definitely get one Fortress Maximus toy this year... here's hoping this is just a taste of something bigger later.

Remember though, these Kabaya model kits are only small, so the fully assembled Fortress Maximus will probably only be about the size of a Deluxe Class toy... so may end up being bigger than the JP Junior toy.
(this set is said to be released in July, so if true, it is only a month or two after the Protectobots set)
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