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Old 15th June 2017, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
I recommend watching Japanese films/shows on DVD rather than on TV for the purposes of language learning. One thing that I recommend to my students is to alternate between watching the same episode with the subtitles on and off, preferably starting without subtitles on the first viewing. Because if you only ever watch shows with subtitles on, while your brain may pick up a few words or detect some patterns here and there, on the whole, your brain's actually NOT doing much work at all. But yeah, I recommend watching it in raw Japanese first, then watching it with subtitles on, then watch it again raw.
That's a good idea, I'll try it
The most complex things are just the sum of many simple parts.
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Old 28th July 2017, 08:27 PM
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So I've been stuck at home all week with glandular fever and I made a video presentation so that I could remotely "teach" some new grammar structures without physically being in the class. Anyway, here's a copy of my video in case anyone else might find it useful. The password is 11JAC2017

Topics covered are:
* Describing things with relative clauses
* The conditional たら
* Conditional hope (たらいい)
* Talking about past experiences
* Saying something is easy or hard to do
* Using と to say "if" or "when"
* Saying what you can see or hear (a very brief introduction to the potential form)
* Saying whether or not using かどうか

My voice isn't the greatest... I spent a lot of time editing out sounds of me sneezing and coughing. And I know there's one part of the video where I made a grammatical mistake. Those of you who've had glandular fever will know how hard it is to think or speak straight.

Anyway, for those of you still learning Japanese please LMK what you thought of this video. Was it useful? Cos I'm wondering if I should make more. They might come in handy as a general teaching resource because I can just chuck the video on at the start of each new unit. Because in teaching we often just repeat the same thing over and over again, and these videos would save me from doing that. And instead I could focus on answering specific questions that students have. I know that other teachers in other subjects are already doing this.
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Old 9th October 2017, 09:15 PM
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(certainly aren't overusing that bar from the soundtrack of Akira, are they? )
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