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Old 2nd September 2018, 01:25 PM
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POTP Nemesis Prime arrived on Friday, even if I haven't been able to open it until today :P
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Old 2nd September 2018, 05:54 PM
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August was a good month

POTP - Snarl, Sludge, Moonracer, Blackwing, Rippersnapper, Wreck-Gar, Hun-Gurrr, Inferno, Tailgate, Outback, Wave 3 Prime Masters.

TR - Blitzwing, 2x Gnaw, 2x Kickback, Cosmos, Ramhorn, Apeface.

TLK - Nitro, Cogman, Squeeks, Steelbane, Drift.

LG - Overlord
Cyber Battalion Shockwave
Authentics Grimlock
Rescue Bots - Griffin Rock Garage and Griffin Rock Police Station (in clearance for $2 each at work so i figured why not.)
A few of the RID Light Up Racers diecast cars (again $2 on clearance.)
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