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Old 18th October 2017, 08:51 AM
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I tried LDD for a bit and noticed that it was difficult to creatively envision solutions. As you mentioned, it also doesn't really give you much in regards to structural integrity which a lack of can break a build and may even cause you to have to redo the whole design to reinforce it. I advise to only use LDD to get some concept happening but do not use it as your eventual blueprint.
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Old 20th October 2017, 09:21 AM
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I played around with it for about an hour in the past couple of nights, and it's definitely much harder to visually put things together. I found ready-made LDD files for 75101, and quickly swapped out the colours to what I wanted. Changing the wings to a different shape with no moving parts is turning out to be more of a challenge, however it should be a bit easier once I get a handle on all the shortcuts (mainly 3D rotating) and common features.

One mistake I regretted quickly was playing with swapping all the colours first (turned out mono-coloured), which made it visually more difficult to see the pieces. Going to redo that this weekend by segmenting it.

I am fairly happy with the cockpit and might consider ordering the pieces for that right away. Doubt I will be able to get all the pieces I need from a single seller. A finished product in 35 calendar days might be too ambitious at the moment with work and holiday plans as well.

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