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Old 10th March 2017, 08:16 AM
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Default Generations 3D Mouse Pads

Well from America we've had the NY Toyfair, from Japan the announcement of Takara's Trypticon and we've just had the Aussie Toyfair. So time for some news from China.

A company (I apologize, I can't read Chinese so couldn't tell the companies name) has started making Generations 3D Wrist-Rest Mousepads. Pics have cropped up on a few TF Facebook pages:

Pic via multiple Facebook sources

So far they seem to have only made Arcee and Windblade, perhaps because arguably they are the two most prominent Femmebots in IDW at the moment. The artwork is very reminiscent of some of the comics that come with the Takara Legends toys and some of the IDW covers that feature Windblade.

They have since turned up on ebay, going between $32 & $35 (including postage). Since the last mousepad I bought is now 10 years old (movie Bbee) and wrecked I splashed out and bought one of each.

Will be interesting to see if they make any further characters or if this is just going to be a one off run of these two. Depends on how popular they turn out I guess. I think a run of 5 Bots and 5 Cons would be good, this style would lend itself well to Moonracer, Elita-1 and Chromia with perhaps Megaempress, Slipstream, Flamewar, Alice and Black Arachnia for the Cons.
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