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Old 26th May 2017, 03:31 AM
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Presently there is no absolute, clear course of action. Before you go into any sort of dispute it's best to amass the best intel you can, and that is gained by talking with banks, credit card providers, ZipPay and consumer rights authorities like the ACCC and Fair Trades. Different banks and creditors will have different rules for depending on the payment methods.

So, compile EVERYTHING you have: emails and other communications with PC, payment confirmation receipts, screenshot/copies of your outstanding orders along with the expected due dates and updates from PC's site, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and organise it as concisely as possible.

Contact Fair Trades and fill out the website forms or give them a call. Have as many questions prepared as possible. You may need to stay on the phone for a long time depending on how busy they are. I have generally found them to be extremely useful, but they are only as accurate as the information you provide. Their web form states that they may take up to two weeks to contact you. In my last two queries they rand me the next day. They will not represent you directly, but they should be able to make you aware of your legal options. My last conversation with them had me filling out forms for NCAT (NSW Tribunal) procedures.

Those compiled documents will need to be presented to banking staff who will take a copy if they agree to process your claims. You will need to explain to the bank staff that you want to start a dispute and explain to them as clearly as possible what has happened. They will then need to make you aware of exactly what course of action you should take. Make them aware that the outstanding orders are pre-order items which have different rules than payments for in-stock items, as time is an important factor and varies by bank and payment method. You can expect follow-up requests for information via mail-out from creditors wanting additional details, which need to be completed promptly.

Then you wait. It can take a few days to weeks.

I don't have any experience with group lawsuits, class actions, bankruptcy proceedings etc. Proper legal advice is needed there if we move forward as a group.
Which brings us to where we are today...

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