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Old 11th January 2018, 01:40 PM
Ralph Wiggum Ralph Wiggum is offline
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Terms and conditions mean nothing if they breach Australian consumer law. Scott is hopefully going to learn this the hard way.
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Old 11th January 2018, 05:40 PM
Ploughmans Lunch Ploughmans Lunch is offline
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Is he spiteful or just totally lacking in any self-awareness? You pick!
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Old 11th January 2018, 07:57 PM
Mr_K Mr_K is offline
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I have just filed with my local QCAT....let's finally get that money back (I hope)!
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Old 12th January 2018, 09:54 AM
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BruiseLee BruiseLee is offline
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Originally Posted by Ralph Wiggum View Post
New 25% off code - “ipreferpriceoverspeed”

I thought you were taking the piss till i had a look at the site!
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Old 12th January 2018, 06:50 PM
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griffin griffin is offline
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The thing is, most fans wouldn't have had an issue with a little extra waiting for cheaper prices, if they knew at the time of purchase that there was going to be delays for that cheaper price, but the original product listings (before 2017) never warned people of that. This is what some US online stores do with their JP toy pre-orders - they offer a more expensive "express" option, to get one of the first few toys that are express shipped from Japan.
A business can't suddenly promote a new business model (since 2017) and expect all pre-2017 customers to willingly accept it, or tell them that they should have known about it before the business even made it publicly known, that products will now have lengthy delays... with a penalty of not knowing the policy a year before it existed, that you won't get a refund, and you have to do your own chargeback if you ever want to see any of your hard-earned money back.

I hope customers from here have been reporting PC to the ACCC and their state's consumer protection agencies, linked in the first post of this topic.
This deceptive retconning of their business model, to punish people later who just want their toys or money back, must stop.
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Old 14th January 2018, 06:10 PM
TRON TRON is offline
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Originally Posted by Raider View Post
The post was removed by error. In any event it is not accurate. He can't go into liquidation as he is an individual.

I've done a credit report search and no listing of court action and only one listed debt of about 6k to Aust Post.
Thanks mate!
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Old 15th January 2018, 01:29 PM
laproblematique laproblematique is offline
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Now he's making excuses for leaving 25% off promo codes active for so long that are obviously too good to be true?

Last edited by griffin; 15th January 2018 at 04:59 PM. Reason: excessive language
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Old 15th January 2018, 01:39 PM
ChlorHex ChlorHex is offline
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People are still unknowingly making purchases... he's still taking money.
This needs to stop
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Old 15th January 2018, 02:38 PM
micfox001 micfox001 is offline
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How come this scammer seller is still running his business??? No one has ever taken him to the court??
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Old 15th January 2018, 04:54 PM
The Ghost The Ghost is offline
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Originally Posted by DarkHyren View Post
I'll post all three major cards delayed delivery terms here if anyone wants to link to them in future.

Mastercard: https://www.mastercard.com/ca/wce/PD...ack_manual.pdf
The reason code is 4855 for Goods or Services Not Provided, see "1.7.3 Time Frame for First Chargeback"

Visa: https://usa.visa.com/dam/VCOM/downlo...les-public.pdf
The reason code is 30 for Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received, see " Chargeback Time Limit – Reason Code 30"

American Express: https://www.americanexpress.com/cont...kcodeguide.pdf
The reason code is 4554 for Goods And Services Not Received, see "REASON CODE 4554 Goods And Services Not Received"
What I've noticed is that a lot of bank employees get as far as the first part of the time limit modifiers and ignore everything else because "words", which is why so many focus on the "it's more then 120 days after you paid, we cant help".
So just show them the rest which says "OR IF IT'S A DELAYED DELIVERY ITEM USE THIS BIT".

If you know that your item is within the disputable time frames and your bank wont help even after trying to escalate the matter with their complaints department contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at https://www.fos.org.au/ as their job is to help bank customers who are having issues such as the bank not putting through chargeback disputes properly.
Just be aware that if you dont have an ETA that is within the last 120 days (NOTE: updated ETAs that differ from the original are valid so long as they are either on the merchants website, social media, or in a personal communication to you from the merchants email account) and/or your original payment date is older then 540 days no one from the bank, credit provider, or FOS is obligated to help you.

I'm presently trying to get my bank (P&N Bank) to assist with a chargeback. My issue is:

- Blitzway Ghostbusters set pre-ordered in September 2016 ($949.95)
- The set was delayed by Blitzway from Q1 2017 initially to finally be released around Oct/Nov 2017 (I also emailed Popcultcha.com.au who confirmed they received the set about a week or so ago).
- The most recent ETA on the PC website is AUG/SEPT 2017.
- Contacted my bank on Jan 4 and I keep being told it's outside the 120 days or I don't have an EXACT date of delivery.
- I've replied that I have had no response from PC, surely that means they are now refusing delivery?
- 120 days from end of September is January 28 so I surely can't be outside the 120 day "window"? And even then, I know the product was never available until around Oct/Nov and have provided them with a collector's forum with a massive thread regarding the product so they can clearly see the delays with the set and when it was eventually released.
- Still, they refuse to proceed. They've not "escalated" it to their disputes team and are apparently liaising with Visa. I've been told if Visa investigates it will cost me a $25 fee whether it's successful or not in chargeback.

Any advice or what grounds I have here to get my money back? Next step would be FOS... would they help me given the info above?
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