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Default MARCH 2018 Transformers comics and books

Transformers comics and books for MARCH 2018, with cover images here.

Transformers Lost Light 16
(W) James Roberts (A/CA) Jack Lawrence (with an Alex Milne alternate cover)
ALL GOOD THINGS…! Rodimus and the Crusadercons have reached their final destination. The trouble is, it’s not Cyberutopia. In fact, it’s not ANYWHERE. But they’d better get used to it, because they’re going to be there until the end of Time…
In stores March 7, 2018

Transformers Optimus Prime 17
(W) John Barber (A/CA) Kei Zama (with a Casey Coller alternative cover)
“The Falling,” Part 3: Onyx Prime sows the seeds of chaos and panic on Cybertron as he reveals dark secrets… but nothing will prepare Optimus Prime and his allies for Onyx’s darkest revelation!
In stores March 28, 2018

Transformers VS Visionaries 4
(W) Magdalene Visaggio (A/CA) Fico Ossio (with a Luca Pizzari alternative cover)
Leoric and Ironhide only have hours left to save Cybertron from destruction, while Virulina tries to harness the life energy of Leoric’s captured friends to accelerate the end. Now Leoric must somehow detonate the counter-wave bomb and rescue his people. And the clock is ticking.
In stores March 14, 2018
Recent and Upcoming TPBs & Books.
-- First Strike: A Hasbro Comic Book Event - February 20th (cancelled?)
-- Transformers Vs GIJoe the Quintessential Collection HC (all 13 issues + "movie" adaptation) - January 23rd (was April 11th 2017, then November 14th, then November 28th - 9 month delay so far)
-- Windblade: The Last City (Windblade 1-4, Windblade Vol 2 1-7 - 264 pages) - February 20th (was February 13th)
-- Optimus Prime Volume 2 (issues 7-10 & 2017 Annual) - February 20th
-- Transformers/GIJoe First Strike (all 6 issues) - March 6th (was February 20th)
-- Transformers/GIJoe First Strike - Champions (Revolution) (144 pages) - March 6th (was February 27th)
-- Lost Light Volume 2 (issues 7-12) - March 13th
-- ROM Vs The Transformers - Shining Armor (128 pages) - April 10th (was March 13th)
-- Redemption of the Dinobots (Punishment, Redemption, Salvation) - April 10th (was April 17th)
-- IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 7 (HC) (MTMTE 28-34, RID 28-34) - April 17th (was March 27th)
-- Till All Are One Volume 3 (issues 9-12, 2018 Annual) - May 8th
-- Optimus Prime Volume 3 (issues 11-14, Optimus First Strike, Transformers First Strike) - July 10th
-- The Wreckers Saga (Last Stand of the Wreckers 1-5, Sins of the Wreckers 1-5) - July 17th
-- Transformers Vs The Visionaries (128 pages) - August 14th
-- Bumblebee - Win if you Dare (one-shot - 72 pages) - September 11th
-- Lost Light Volume 3 (issues 13-18) - September 18th
-- Bumblebee (Movie) Junior Novel (144 pages) - November 20th
-- Optimus Prime Volume 4 (issues 15-21) - November 20th
December 2017 comics and books

January 2018 comics and books

February 2018 comics and books

March 2018 comics and books
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