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Old 11th July 2008, 12:12 PM
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Default Robot Kingdom (RK) (Hong Kong) feedback

I placed an order for some Micron Legend figs

Takara MC-07 Devastar ("Scavenger")
Takara MD-08 Galvatron
Takara MC-10 Stepper ("Sideswipe")
Takara MD-07 Rampage ("Wheeljack")

got them today, in typical 5 day delivery from RK, as awesome as always at that.

Heres what I got, ignore the shirts.

They sent me Super-mode Ironhide! He isn't even on their site! I'm after him as well so its not bad at all, should I feel pissed off that they buggered up my order? What if they do it again, but I get something crappy like BM Nightscream!? *shudder*

In the end I guess I came off the winner, I can always re-order Stepper next time, but I figured you all should know, just in case.
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