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Old 11th January 2018, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Magnus View Post
I quite like it. The 'stumpy' look seems to be more prominent when Ironhide is being photographed from high angles. It isn't so bad when you look at him front-on.

I'm assuming the cannons are detachable - not only would it make sense to have a clean vehicle mode like Bumblebee and Optimus, but they're reversed on that display model. The cannon with the cylinders around the main barrel should be on his right arm.
Originally Posted by Bumbleb33 View Post
I realise some aren't that impressed with this but personally considering real world engineering / mechanical limitations I think TakTom have absolutely nailed this. I cannot wait to put Ironhide alongside Bee, OP and the upcoming Barricade.
I really love that they have captured his squat strongman look with the broad shoulders and huge melon head
Originally Posted by Lord_Zed View Post
I don't really see peoples problem with this toy, it looks more like Movie Ironhide than any previous toy I've seen, if you are in to that, and I
m not sure I am, but the transformations on these things make me curious.
I too really like this, it does have a big head but I think it's pretty screen accurate. I have the leader ironhide and one of my pet peevs is that the weapons are very inaccurate to the screen representation because they are hidden in vehicle mode. I'll happily just have his guns separate assuming they can be taken off. The toes sticking out the back of the vehicle mode are a little disappointing but I can live with that.
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