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Old 28th October 2017, 03:21 AM
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Shame its all fake....

Jumps out of the ring before anyone else can get in it hehe
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Old 9th November 2017, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by DELTAprime View Post
I'm so sick of people saying wrestling sucks now and it was better in whatever era they grew up in.
I've been watching wrestling for over 30 years and I hear this all the time and through many era's.
It is looking through history with rose tinted glasses, it happens soooo much in the Formula 1 community.
Generally what I find is that most of the time when people refer to what they believe was the best era ever coincides with their mid teens to mid 20's. It makes sense really for most of us it is a time of fun and adventure.

I have seen many great era's of WWF/WWE/WCW/ECW and at a time TNA. When Bryan won at Yesslemania I truly thought that we were on the cusp of a true golden era but it didn't eventuate for a number of reasons.
Currently the product is very good, I am a big fan of NXT, but when it went off Foxtel I dropped off the 'E a fair bit and got into some indy stuff online. I am back to WWE now but mostly Smackdown, two hours is so much better. I quick review Raw and/or read about it online, if the episode review is good I will watch the show.
The pure wrestling talent in WWE now is, imho, the best ever, sure the writing can be shoddy at times, but there has NEVER been an era in wrestling when the writing has been pure gold for every show and segment. A lot of the time it is one main good story that gets over and that's what everyone remembers.

My five cents
The later it gets, the less sense I will make (usually anything beyond 19:30 Qld time).
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Old 29th January 2018, 03:29 PM
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Well it sucks that we know spoilers for the WWE so far in advance.

Spoilers for the Rumble and possibly Wrestlemania...

Just as was leaked months ago Shinsuke is taking on AJ at Wrestlemania, which means the main event at Wrestlemania will probably be the leaked Roman vs Brock match.

Also as cool as it is to finally have Ronda Rousey as a WWE Superstar it would be much cooler if we didn't know her and the other members of the UFC Four Horsewomen signed up with the WWE ages ago and are going to take on the WWE Four Horsewomen.

If the WWE could keep a secret maybe people wouldn't think it's so predictable.
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Old 29th January 2018, 07:00 PM
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I recently watched the ESPN documentary on Ric Flair, it was pretty interesting and sad. Still he is a bit of a classic, it cracks me up that so many of his signature moves involved him getting beat down lol.

sting wins the title for the first time
how young is JR? lol. pretty sure he fits an OH MAH GAWD in there too haha
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Old 30th January 2018, 11:47 AM
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I was pretty cheesed off with the end to the rumble PPV. Asuka made history by being the winner of the first womens PPV, then they totally diminished it by bringing out Lousey Ronda Rousey.

Still have some stuff for sale. Free pickup at Parra Fair
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