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Old 27th January 2018, 05:24 PM
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kovert kovert is offline
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IMO, Lambor's lower 'ride height' makes him look a little cooler than Sunstreaker in car mode. The tyres should be concealed under the wheel arches a little more. Apart from that, Sunstreaker looks fantastic.
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Old 12th February 2018, 03:37 PM
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Been waiting a while, but finally cracked my Sunstreaker open and WHAT A TOY!

Wasn't as annoyingly complex to transformation I thought it would be. Managed to do it before bed without getting frustrated and in a pretty quick amount of time. The robot mode is amazing.

Much like Megatron, you end up with a really good, well articulated action figure. It's almost hard to pick that this is actually a transforming figure and not just a figure that looks good.

Weapon storage, thos faces, and the option of super charged mode or normal modes.... man, I love this guy!
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Old 12th February 2018, 05:47 PM
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I do like how the intakes “grow” between car and robot mode.
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Old 13th February 2018, 11:23 AM
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I got my yesterday from AmiAmi and by god WHAT A MASTERPIECE.

Seriously this thing is like the Magnum Opus of the masterpiece line. As a generally critical person I'm genuinely struggling to find fault with MP-39. I'm amazed at the sheer quantity of gimmickry they've pulled off without affecting the alt or robot modes of this figure. It's a true masterpiece of engineering. I'm actually glad they took their time with this guy (so long after his bro Sideswipe) to get him right.

For once I'm actually quite satisfied with what I have received for what I paid. If I had to recommend one Masterpiece figure over all others it would have to be MP-39.
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Old 16th February 2018, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Lint View Post
I'm amazed at the sheer quantity of gimmickry they've pulled off without affecting the alt or robot modes of this figure.
Yeah, I was quite surprised by all the little extras with the vehicle mode like the flip-up headlights, hidden rear laser and I thought the extra exhaust intakes would be something you attached and took off rather than was built in in such a way that it could be rotated and hidden.

Overall I'm quite pleased with mine. Just like always however, I wish that 'Masterpiece' meant it encapsulated all the stuff from the character bios/comics/original toys - in this case Streakers' vertical shoulder missiles (which are visually present at least) and arm-socket missiles. But it's a small quibble and would probably raise the price of the line if they did that with all the toys.
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Old 19th February 2018, 07:36 AM
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This guy is fantastic. Feels so much more weighty in car mode compared to Sideswipe. The transformation is so impressive with so many small movements but I did not find it frustrating at all.

The only thing is his butt flap seems more prominent from the front than it does in picture. I will double check that though since I may have not transformed it correctly.
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