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Old 18th February 2019, 04:13 PM
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Last week at BigW Calamvale - a butt-load of BB Movie Legend/Speed sized toys have been added, which now covers two sides of this three sided shelving spot.
(also the newest Nitro figures - Blitzwing & Dropkick)


Heaps of Speed sized Cliffjumpers there... and they already had a heap the day before Christmas (where I got mine from), so I don't know why they pretty much tripled their stock, as that pre-Christmas stock hasn't moved much.

Also at that BigW, a few days later - heaps of the TCG starter packs, but no booster packs (and one of the staff there believed that they weren't getting any more in).
Plus, the newest Transformers cartoon DVD was in stock as well - Vol 1 of Cyberverse.


Woolworths Calamvale - just like the Coles at Sunnybank, they've restocked their Tiny Changers with wave 2... so if you are after that wave, try Coles or Woolies.

And yesterday at Browns Plains...
Target - nothing new or worth mentioning.
Kmart - heaps of new Transformers.
BigW - a small range of really old toys (I dont think I saw anything there that had been released in 2018)

First, Kmart - Botbots in stock ($5 each for the single packs - they had two cases, but I bought 19 that I needed, leaving about 20 behind. They also *had* the latest Studio Series Deluxe wave - I only found four of the new five, and bought them all. And a HEAP of the SS Voyagers, wave 2 (Brawl & Megatron) which means Hasbro Australia is still sitting on a lot of wave 2 stock while wave 5 is now out globally, so I don't expect to see wave 3 Ironhide or wave 4 Starscream here.
Plus, they also had the new BB Movie Mission Vision toys (Bumblebee & Shatter), which have a viewfinder in the middle of the toy to look through... $39 each.




And BigW - the complete opposite of Kmart with their toys, so here is a non-toy item I found in there - an activity book with stickers...

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Old 18th February 2019, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by christalcase View Post
Found Wave 3 Cyberverse Warriors at Target Garden City, but only one Prowl and Soundwave, $29...
Of course they would do this right after I ordered Prowl off amazon
"The Decepticons keep bad company - each other!" - Jazz, G2
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Old 19th February 2019, 07:56 AM
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Did the rounds in the Brisbane CBD yesterday.

Mr Toys: Botbots, as previously reported (I picked up 2 multipacks, saw about 3-4 left on the peg). Plenty of The Last Knight Deluxes on sale (Strafe, Cogman and Berserker). The usual assortment of Titan/Prime Masters: Brawl, Loudmoth, Bludgeon and Octopunch. Also a Studio Series Grimlock.

Myer: The usual suspects. Elita 1 and Hun-Gurrr, Titans Return Blaster, and a bunch of Cyberverse. Might have seen one of you guys checking out the display here about 2ish, so hey if that was you!

Target: Cyberverse, Cyberverse, Cyberverse. One Studio Series Camaro Bumblebee, but nothing else of much interest. Cyberverse Prowl actually looks pretty okay in person, but I didn't take the plunge.
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