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Old 22nd March 2017, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by '07Camaro View Post
'07 Movie Leader Prime, just an overall fun figure to play around with
Heh, this was my favourite toy for 2007 too.
Originally Posted by GoktimusPrime View Post
+2006: Classics Bumblebee
+2007: Leader Class Optimus Prime
+2008: Henkei! Sunstreaker
I would personally rate 3 toys as being the greatest Optimus toys of all time (discounting lines made for adult collectors like BT/ALT, MP etc. - I'm talking about regular mainstream toys that were made for kids):

* Original G1 Optimus Prime; 1984-85 - this toy was phenomenal by G1 standards. It was huge (biggest TF in 1984), looked great and wasn't just a transforming robot but a mobile headquarters for the Autobots. Optimus Prime was also a play set!
Alt mode: Freightliner 2.4m WFT

* G2 Laser Optimus Prime (1995) - while 1994's Hero Optimus Prime was the first to feature a fully articulated robot mode, I felt that it didn't hold up as well as Hero Megatron (awesome figure!), but 1995's Laser Optimus Prime just took things to whole 'nuther level. Great sculpt and an incredible design. The laser rod gimmick was just amazing - here we had what was essentially Optimus Prime with a freakin' laser sword^light sabre! I don't know about the rest of you, but I was making light sabre noises. Plus the headlights also light up in truck mode. And if that's not enough, the trailer transforms into a battle station with all manner of neat gimmicks like missile and disc launchers.
Alt mode: Western Star 4964EX

* Optimus Prime (2007, Leader) - an absolutely incredible toy, 2007's Leader Optimus Prime made much better use of being a long-nose cab. Laser Optimus Prime's "long nose" section basically become two massive shoulder pads (so much for peripheral vision ) and having the legs become the back section makes it chunkier than it should be on a real truck (something which even MP1 and MP10 also have). This toy had the legs tucked inside the front section with the arms forming the sleeper, and the rear section cleverly tuck in to become fairly discreet rear-mounted kibble (unlike the unsightly backpack on AoE Optimus Prime ). Incredibly detailed sculpt with an amazingly vehicle-accurate alt mode - and a light and sound gimmick to boot! This toy also features a self-contained weapon. While it may not be as screen accurate as RotF Leader Optimus Prime, 07 Movie Prime has a much more fun and intuitive transformation. The only other Movie Leader Prime to rival this toy would be DotM Jetwing Optimus Prime, but it was really the 07 Leader Optimus Prime who set the standard.
Alt mode: Peterbilt 379

P.S.: Just as a writing tip, you didn't need to put the word "most" before 'favourite,' as the word 'favourite' is already a superlative (i.e. you can't go above it )
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