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Old 26th June 2016, 12:43 AM
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Default Marvel Legends - best of Avengers (Hulkbuster BAF wave)

If any of you are collecting the 6 inch Marvel Legends range this sighting may be of interest. Now I usually try not to give these figures much notice. It's not that I don't like them as I love superhero stuff but I can't afford to get into any other lines. There was one time I was keen to grab an entire wave though and it was the Hulkbuster build a figure one but don't believe it ever made it out here in retail.

So after all that waffle, here's the sighting. Was walking through Myer earlier in the week and a range of Marvel Legends caught my eye. Actually it was more a massive red arm of the Hulkbuster caught my eye. Didn't realize this at the time but this is a repackage of already released figures and is only released in the UK and supposedly parts of Asia. There are 8 in this wave and each come with a BAF piece except for Thor so you can complete the Hulkbuster with just 7 figs. Did some digging around and these are the waves the figures were previously released in:

- Avengers Movie Loki
- Avengers Age Of Ultron Hawkeye
- Avengers Age Of Ultron Iron Man
- Avengers Age Of Ultron War Machine
- Avengers Age Of Ultron Thor
- Avengers Age Of Ultron Hulk
- Captain America: Winter Solider Black Widow
- Avengers Movie Captain America

Completing the set may be a bit troublesome though as it took a bit of ringing around and some luck as the problem with these are that they are in case assortments of 5. Yeah, I didn't get how that works out either. The consistent response I'm getting is that the system can't show individual characters as they all share the same code unfortunately. On the plus side there are 2 stores so far which stock them which are Myer and Big W.

A bit of school holiday fun with the Autobub. Will post a pic of the Hulkbuster later next week. Another thing to note also is that the BAF Hulkbuster for this set is a darker red from the original. Seems to look nicer in this shade
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