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Old 16th March 2017, 10:25 PM
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Default Leaked movie toys - spoilers

An image has leaked of what looks like a packaging mockup for a new Movie toy, called Infernocus, a combiner made up of five Infernicons - Glug, Gorge, Infernocon Thrash, Rupture and Skulk.

The toy(s) is in grey, which I would imagine is a pre-production copy... and not it's actual release colour.

But what will be more obvious to some is that it is mostly a reuse of the Beast Hunters Abominus combiner... with a new figure as the core of the combiner (replacing Hun-grrr).

The big SPOILER though is that the "packaging" notes that Infernocus is a guard for the character Quintessa, who is being represented as a figurine in this pack.
There were rumours that the concept of the Quintessons might be in this fifth movie, particularly when Optimus flew off to look for the "creators" at the end of the fourth movie... and the early trailers for this movie showed a second world near earth.

The packaging also notes that the toys have hidden glyphs that a decoder will reveal... which might be a gimmick with the other Movie toys.

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