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Old 21st July 2017, 06:27 AM
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Default SDCC Hasbro panel - Power of the Primes reveal

The Hasbro Transformers presentation has now been held at SDCC, and we get a second look at Power of the Primes after the preview breakfast, with more details on the integrated play pattern of this new series from the Generations Prime Trilogy.

First quoted text is from here, which has photos from the presentation, as well as here too, which is where the second quoted text comes from.

  • Machinima on panel
  • Megatron (voiced by Welker) interrupted video
  • Sent Decepticons to buy SDCC toys etc.
  • Decepticons (Megatron) taking over Transformers Twitter
  • Soundwave live tweeting
  • Mega 1-step turbo changer Dragonstorm
  • All turbo changers have hidden fire deco revealed by Dragonstorm’s light (like he’s breathing fire on them)
  • Premiere TLK now
  • Wave 2 Leader Dragonstorm being shown now
  • Showing the development process
  • Megatron interrupting again, whining about Starscream
  • Showing Leader Megatron now
  • Development process of Megatron
  • Voyager Nitro Wave 3 being shown now
  • Development process for Nitro shown off, CAD and gray models etc.
  • Showing Deluxe Wave 4 Cogman now
  • Cogman vehicle mode fits two titanmasters
  • Wave 3 Bumblebee deluxe shown now (movie-accurate version)
  • Showing development again
  • Movie Masterpiece now
  • Showing Optimus prime
  • Diecast parts, articulated fingers
  • Most accurate 2007 version ever created
  • Showing development process now
  • Onto Generations
  • 2018 last chapter of Prime Wars Trilogy
  • Optimus Primal is promotional image on Power of the Primes
  • Optimus Primal will be holder of Matrix of Leadership
  • Talking about the story now
  • 12 Primes
  • Prime Masters hold power, even the spark, of original 12
  • Liege Maximo comes with Dreadwind
  • Cards come with each figure to expand on what each Prime Master’s power is
  • “Prime cards” 12 to collect
  • Pretenders are now Decoy suits
  • Prime Masters hide in Decoy suits and they can transform
  • Beachcomber legends class
  • Deluxe Dreadwind
  • Wave 2 Blackwing (Darkwing’s new name)
  • Combine in jet form to form Dreadwing
  • Deluxe Wave 1 Jazz
  • Voyager Wave 1 Starscream
  • G1 IDW mixed style
  • Leader Wave 1 Rodimus Prime
  • Figure is Hot Rod, then combines with trailer to become Rodimus Prime
  • Prime Masters connect like mini-cons to all size classes
  • Legends – they drive
  • Deluxes/Voyagers – head
  • Leader – matrix
  • looks same as TR
  • Onto Machinima
Machinima (Titans Return Series):
  • In production
  • Starts where CW left off
  • First titan to show up on Cybertron to wreak havoc is Trypticon
  • Optimus, Megatron, and Windblade have to resurrect ancient ally to help
  • Demo reel now
  • No new animation, just new voices and actors being like OMG
  • Show premieres November
  • 10 episodes, 11 minutes long each
  • Megatron interrupts again
  • Trypticon cereal joke
  • Made it a poster (giveaway at booth!)
  • Cereal poster folds into box
  • Onto Hascon
  • Winners of HOF announced Sept. 8th
  • HOF polls open on social
  • Now convention exclusives (recap of SDCC)
  • Megatron interrupts AGAIN
  • Q&A now
  • MP Beast Wars? Stay tuned.
  • Someone wants a Bludgeon toy. “Stay tuned”. Teasing as decoy suit.
  • Decepticons in MP movie line? Stay tuned.
  • Remaining combiners? We hear you. Stay tuned.
  • No plans for new Nautica mold
  • Plans for that new Starscream mold? “Next question” with laughs
  • Siege on Cybertron set, more were ordered
  • Hasbro aware of Trypticon hip issue, seems isolated, engineering looking into it
  • Q&A and panel over
  • All and maybe more shown off at booth soon
Final chapter of the Prime Wars trilogy. Combiner Wars, Titans Return - now going as big as they can get: Transformers Gods. Fan poll (Megatron skit interrupting again) was mentioned, as a candidate in the poll to Optimus Primal (some very cool art shown, including some from the Covenant of Primus). Each Prime has an ability and an artefact, but faded becoming legend - until now.

Mysterious characters called Prime Masters are spark bearers, connecting to others to bestow godlike powers.

Prime Masters
Skullgrin shown, as spark of Liege Maximo. Each comes with a collectable card, 12 in total. Cards are part of the story. Each Prime Master hides in a Decoy Suit (5$ price point), who turn into weapons.

Beachcomber shown, can hold Prime Masters in seat.

Dreadwind & Blackwing combine into superjet Dreadwing


Starscream - also has 'secret powers', as seen in previous gallery post.

Rodimus Prime - able to evolve from Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime, as G1/ 1986 accurate as possible, Matrix can worn inside the chest, can be interchanged with other Leader sparks.

(Megatronus, Amalgamous Prime from Aligned Continuity both mentioned)

Prime Masters are new across the line play system: ride Legends, worn on chest by Deluxes, worn on arms by Voyagers, Matrix by Leaders.

More will be shown at Hascon, but some packaging mock-ups of art shown leading into the Machinima series part of the panel.

Machinima Titans Return
125bln views for Combiner Wars

First new character seen and shown on show will be Trypticon. Nothing new to show yet, but they did reiterate a sizzle reel/teaser trailer from the new cast, as announced here, featuring Jason David Frank, Wil Wheaton, Michael Dorn, MatPat, Peter Cullen, Nolan North, Judd Nelson, Jason Marnocha, Frank Todaro and more!

Ten episodes confirmed, then interrupted by Megatron spoof commercial for Trypticon's Titan Master Crunch, with exclusive poster available during the convention.

Hall of Fame
Favourite TF Character finalists

Favourite TF Movie Character finalists
-Optimus Prime

Toy of the Year 2017 finalists
-Titans Return Deluxe Triggerhappy
-Titans Return Titan Class Trypticon
-Titans Return Deluxe Topspin

Winners will be announced at Hascon.

SDCC 2017 Exclusives
Primitive Skateboarding Optimus Prime with Shreddicus Maximus

The Last Knight Voyager Optimus Prime, plus official Western Star tire shard from movies (Megatron interrupts, seems happy to own a piece of Optimus Prime at least)


Where is Titans Return Arcee? Hold tight, something might happen in Power of the Primes.

Will Masterpiece Dinobot see US release? Stay tuned.

Are we ever going to get a Bludgeon figure, in Decoy Suit style? Stay tuned.

Which is your favourite toy (kid question)? John: Cogman and Trypticon, I feed him every day. Ben: Leader Megatron.

Any plans for Decepticons in Masterpiece Movie Line? Great things in store, good reception of the line.

No plans for movie line exclusive repaints, like SDCC 2016 Dinobot set.

Any plans for classic Combiners, like Predaking, or IDW characters? Stay tuned, we know they're popular. No more plans for Nautica right now, we're aware of stories and interest.

What is planned for that Power of the Primes Starscream mold? Many, many things in store.

Response to QA issues with Trypticon, and limited distribution of the Titans Return boxsets? May have been isolated incidents, but it has been reported and it is being looked into right now. Warden has been made to do the splits. Same is being done for latter, with possible reissues down the line, but nothing confirmed.
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Old 21st July 2017, 05:29 PM
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The display case after the presentation, with the new toys added.

Some official images for the first few PotP toys have been released by Hasbro on facebook - Leader Class Rodimus, Voyager Starscream, Deluxe Dreadwind (but not Blackwing/Darkwing), Legends Beachcomber, Prime Master Liege Maximo/Skullgrin.

And the ful-lsize version of the Trypticon cereal box poster, for those wanting to print their own up, can be found here.
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Old 21st July 2017, 09:09 PM
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So are they continuing the Titan Master gimmick for heads or are they just small figs for the shells now?
On the lookout for MISB Headmaster Highbrow, Takara or Hasbro. I'm sure I could make you a sweet deal!
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Old 23rd July 2017, 02:33 PM
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More photos from the display case, showing us more of the Dragonstorm duo.
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Old 2nd August 2017, 04:04 PM
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So Starscream's Popeye forearms are there to house the little Prime Spark heads. Oooohhhh....

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Old 3rd August 2017, 08:56 AM
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Actually, that summary is slightly incorrect. What was actually said is that there are 12 collector cards PER FIGURE, packed at random and listing the abilities of a figure when combined with a specific Prime Master (ie there are 12 individual randomly packed cards just for Dreadwind, 12 for Jazz, etc). It was stated on the panel that it was done to make the line more collectable.
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Old 4th August 2017, 06:38 PM
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I have a strong suspicion that the voyager class figures will be able to combine with the leader class figures. The Rodimus Prime figure; the trailer portion could combine with Starscream torso mode to make legs and two deluxe figures make up the arms.
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Old 3rd September 2017, 04:21 PM
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Hasbro have released official artwork for the new Rodimus toy on instagram to help promote their HasCon convention next week.
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