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Old 20th August 2013, 08:45 PM
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Default Wanted - Micromasters, G1's and parts, 3rd Party stuff

Hey guys I am after the following Micromasters to complete my set
Race Track Patrol
Flat Top
Iron Works
Space Shot
Here is a pic of them for people who are unsure. I am not really after the bases, just the robots but am happy to buy complete Playsets if the price is right.

I am also after the following G1's and G1 parts:
Onslaught (complete or near complete)
Wildrider pistol
Thrust Long Missiles
Thundercracker Long Missiles
Skywarp Long Missiles
Ravage LH cannon

And I am also after

Generations Grappel
Fansproject Stormbomb

Thanks for any help.
Cheers, Ken
Spiderken Away!
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